The mission of the IMEA is to promote lifelong music learning and to provide leadership for music education

Mary Hoffman Award of Excellence


This award recognizes teaching excellence of Illinois Music Educators. The Nominee:

1. Must be an ILMEA member in good standing

2. Must have taught for at least 10 years

3. Must be a current music educator from any level in a school, college, and/or university in Illinois

4. Must have demonstrated continued teaching excellence

  Mary Hoffman Award Application (43.1 KB)

Past Awardees

1999 - Joy Lynn Beebe, Greg Bimm, Richard Curlee, Joseph Grant

2000 - Richard Griffiths, Joseph Malmquist

2001 - Judy Lynn Moe

2002 - Jane Hindsley, Diane Hires, Karen Mazza

2003 - Gary Smith, Duane Tutaj, Susan Young

2004 - Charles Staley, Jr.

2005 - Bill Hudson, Ross Kellan, Paula Deutsch Mueller

2006 - David Danckwart, Brenda Kimble, Jane Wilkins Scott

2007 - Cliff Kaminsky, Sherrie Welles, Joy Wirth

2008 - Mark Bettcher, Carol Broos, James Stegall

2009 - Ross Heise, Joanne May, Brenda Muench

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