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Junior Choir


Rachelle Cekander
Dieterich Jr. High School                                  

Please contact the Rep with specific questions regarding JR Choir auditions.

GUEST CONDUCTOR                      
Lynda Marshall





*Come to the Music (SAB) Joseph Martin (A cappella Audition Solo)

*I Dream a World (SAB) Andre Thomas (Track Accompanied Audition Solo)
"I Dream A World" Track (3.0 MB)  

Ning Wendete (SAB) arr. Greg Gilpin

Medieval Kyrie (TB) Vijay Singh

El Cielo Canta Alegria (SSA) Roger Bergs



6th, 7th and 8th Students Enrolled in Music Program are Eligible.

If mistakes are made on nominations, please contact the Rep ASAP.


Male and female vocalists may audition and sign up for any of the following voice assignment.  Please observe range requirements; all parts must be sung as written, in the correct octave.

Soprano 1

Soprano 2 







1.      2 Audition Solos (From Festival Repertoire):  One A cappella - One with Accompaniment

The audition accompaniment track will be placed on the state website asap.   Directors are responsible for contacting the JC Rep if the audition track can’t be accessed.  The accompaniment track will replicate the accompaniment designated in the score.  Auditioning students are responsible for both audition solos in their entirety. 



2.    A Cappella Major Scale:  Ascending & Descending - No Humming

Prompt sheets are permitted, judges will provide one if necessary.  Initial pitch and tonic chord will be given. Recommended scales include Bb, D or F Major; however, any scale may be requested.  Any method may be used to sing the major scale.


3.    A Cappella Major and Minor Triad:  Ascending & Descending - No Humming

Prompt sheets are permitted, judges will provide one if necessary.  Initial pitch will be given.  Recommended initial pitches include Bb, D or F Major; however, any pitch may be requested.  Any method may be used to sing the triads.

4.    4 Measures of Rhythmic Sight Reading:

Quarter Notes and Rests; Beamed/Flagged Eighth Notes and Half Notes

No syncopation; Please See Sample.  Sample may be given to students.

Any method may be used to perform the sight reading.  No Humming.

2016 Junior Choir Sight Reading Samples (81.5 KB)



Audition scores are confidential and will not be released.


Scoring Categories and Values (100 Points Total)

                  Major Scale     10 Points

                  Major Triad     5 Points

                  Minor Triad     5 Points

Rhythmic Sight Reading      10 Points

          Required Solo 1     20 Points

          Required Solo 2     20 Points

                Overall Pitch     10 Points

  Overall Tone Quality     20 Points 


Tone Quality Scoring Rubric

    1-5 Points    Barely Audible; Breathy or Harsh

  5-10 Points    Fairly Audible; Breathy or Harsh

10-15 Points    Good Volume; Somewhat Breathy or Harsh

15-20 Points    Well Focused & Supported; Good Vowel Placement



Auditioning students will be assigned an audition room and time on audition day.


Requests for special audition times must be made to the Jr Choir Rep by the nomination deadline.  Solo auditions may also be scheduled on audition day if necessary.  The Jr Choir Audition Schedule will be sent to directors asap after the nomination deadline.

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