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Senior Band

Todd Black, SR Band Rep
Mattoon High School

Please contact Todd with specific questions regarding SR Band auditions.

2017 Guest Conductor

Christopher Morehouse

SIU Carbondale

2017 Senior Band Repertoire

The District 5 Senior Band audition will consist of:

1) Play the entire ILMEA SR Band Scale Page for your instrument (all notes tongued w/ 3 minute time limit)
2) Play the ILMEA District 5 Senior Band etudes on your instrument (Percussion students shall be prepared to play all three etudes – Snare, Timpani & Mallet and Cymbal & Tambourine excerpts and should bring their own sticks and mallets for each instrument)
3) Sight-reading


The ILMEA SR Band Scale Page can be found here.

The ILMEA SR Band Etudes can be found here.

ILMEA SR Band Audition Procedures can be found here.

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