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Senior Jazz - Vocal


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Required Selection (s)
Sight Reading


Audition will consist of singing through a short passage (approximately 8-12 bars) in each of the two All-State pieces (How Deep is the Ocean [How High is the Sky] arr. Rosana Eckert and Bye Bye Blackbird arr. Steve Zegree).  Students will be asked to sing through the chromatic scale and the blues scale.  They can sing using solfedge or a neutral syllable.  Sopranos and tenors will sing in the high key, beginning on E-flat for both scales, and altos and basses will sing in the low key, beginning on C for both scales.  In addition to the prepared pieces and scales, students will be asked to sight sing through a short swing passage (approximately 4 bars) and improvise on two choruses of Jamie Aebersol's 12-bar B-flat blues.  Examples of previous sight-singing may be found on the ILMEA website.


Jazz Division Rep.                                            
Mark A. Tessereau
Belleville East High School
2555 West Blvd.
Belleville, IL 62221

Vocal Jazz Chair                          
Timothy Hassall 

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