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Senior Chorus

Student RNS entry Deadline:  Friday, September 23, 2016 @ 11:59 pm



Audition Fee:  The Audition Fee is $8 per student

Audition Date and Site:  Thursday, October 6,

                                         Crystal Lake South High School


Senior Choral Audition Procedures are located here

Participation fee: $20 will be billed for every student selected for inclusion in the District 7 Senior Chorus




State Required Selections

For The Fallen-Eleanor Daley, SATB, Alliance Music Publications, $2.00

Domine ad Ajuvandum Me Festina (Lord My God, Assist Me Now), SATB, Concordia Publishing House $4.00 


 District VII Selections

Wade In The Water arranged by Allen Koepke, SSAATTBB, Santa Barbara Music


O My Love’s Like A Red, Red Rose by Rene Clausen, SSAATTBB, Shawnee

Music, Most Wonderous, Lovely Art by Johann Jeep, arranged by John Leavitt, SATB



District 7 Senior Festival Date and Location:

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Crystal Lake Central High School

45 West Franklin Street

Crystal Lake, Illinois

District 7 Conductor:  Martin Sirvatka


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