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Elementary General Music (EGM)

Elementary General Music

Rep: Tony Pape  


General Information and Registration
Please register students by no later than Friday, October 7th 
District 9 Chorus:
District 9 Chorus participants must learn all music previous to the Festival Date.  To register your Student please use the ILMEA RNS system found on the ILMEA website.  In addition to RNS, please follow the below link to a Google form and fill one out for each student nominated. Please do not nominate any more than ten students.  Students should also be in the Fifth grade.  This day can get long and our participants should be able to stay engaged for the entire rehearsal process.  Below is the list of repertoire for the festival. Please be sure to have a copy for each of your participating students.  


Canto de Pilon: arr. Christian Grases - Pavane Publishing
Sarasponda: arr. Ruth Boshkoff - Santa Barbara Music Publishing
How Can I Keep from Singing?: arr. Ginger Littleton - BriLee Music Publishing
Three Quotes by Mark Twain: Andrea Ramsey - Santa Barbara Music Publishing
Amani (Peace):Two Part, Audrey Snyder - Hal Leonard Corporation


Google Form Link:
District 9 Drum Ensemble:  
District 9 Drummers must also register on RNS and Google Forms.  Each school may nominate up to Five students to participate.  Students in this group must also be in at least Fifth grade.  There is no music that must be taught previous to the festival.  Students will arrive learn their music that day and perform that afternoon in a combined concert with the district chorus. Instruments will be provided for students.  This ensemble promises to be both a great experience for students as well as a learning opportunity for teachers. 
Google Form Link:  

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