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Junior Chorus

Reps and Contact:           Mary Whitney -

                                          Mike Ferguson

Festival Conductor:         Marty Sirvatka

Festival Repertoire:         

Dies Irae / (Mozart) arr. Robinson, SAB
Skye Boat Song / arr. Thomas Rodgers, SAB
E Ala E / Ruth Morris Gray, SAB
The Cuckoo / Robert I. Hugh, SAB
Witness / (Halloran arrangement) arr. Dick Bolks for SAB

Audition Selections:

Dies Irae- start at M14, sing through M23. 
Witness- start at the pick up to M 45 "You" through the end of M 52.

Dies Irae- start at M14, sing through M23.
The Cuckoo- start at M 11, sing through M 18. 

Dies Irae- start at M35, sing through M 44.
Witness- start at start at the pick up to M 53, sing through the end of M 64
Directors are expected to help monitor the rooms in the hallway. While we are not assigned a specific block of time, it is expected that you will be there to assist with monitoring. Please arrange to be there for your student's audition times. Thank you in advance for your help with this.

Audition Procedures:   

·         1 Octave Major Scale

·         Major Triad

·         Minor Triad

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