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Audition Materials

Statewide audition procedures can be found on the ILMEA Website (

Etudes will be Cycle #1. Please take note that the auxiliary portion of the percussion audition will require students to play crash cymbals and tambourine. Etude excerpt audition selections will be made by the senior band representative and will be posted/highlighted outside of each etude room on the day of auditions.  Auditions will also include the ILMEA scale sheet and sight-reading.


Wind Audition Procedure

For check-in procedures, we will continue to have students check-in at their first room, the scale room, where they will sign up for an audition time slot at increments of 3 minutes. They will receive a sticker with their code number on it at the time of their audition from the room monitor.  Once a student has begun the audition process, they must stay in line to complete the cycle in the following order: Scale, Fast Etude, Slow Etude, and Sight-Reading. Students should sign-up for audition order ONLY at the Scale Room. Please ask your students ahead of time to fill up time slots from the earliest time first.  In other words, do not allow a student to sign up for the very last time slot unless they are doing other auditions first.  Students may use their own marked music for the audition.


Percussion Audition Procedure

Percussionists may perform on their own instruments if they wish. Percussionists will also be auditioning in four rooms in the following order: Timpani, Mallets, Snare and Auxiliary Percussion (Crash Cymbals & Tambourine). Sight-Reading etudes will take place within the individual rooms.

The Timpani tuning procedure for the etude and sight-reading rooms is as follows:  Timpanists may obtain a single pitch from any acoustic source (no electronic devices), after which they must tune the drums using relative pitch.

Auxiliary Instruments

Students auditioning on auxiliary instruments will audition on their main instrument for scales and sight-reading.  Once in the fast etude audition room, the student will perform selected excerpts on his/her main instrument and auxiliary instrument.  Then, students will move to the slow etude room and again perform selected excerpts on his/her main and auxiliary instrument.

Room Monitors

All directors will be assigned a room to monitor during auditions either during first shift (4-6pm) or second shift (6-end).  Therefore, it will be important for teachers assigned to monitor scale rooms during first shift to arrive at the room early to assist students with time slot sign up and stickers.   First shift scale room monitors will also keep track of the time slot sign up sheet for their room and should cross off students as they finish their scale audition. In the past, directors have had trouble with arriving at the first shift on time. Please respect the room monitor list and make every effort to arrive on time to best facilitate these auditions.

Additional Instructions for Room Monitors

1.      Make sure ALL cell phones are off (Student, Judge, Room Monitor).

2.      Auditions are blind. Make sure the judge does not see or speak to the student.

3.      As a student enters the room, announce his/her code number to the judge. If the student is performing on an auxiliary instrument, please announce that as well (only in etude rooms).

4.      Students have 3 minutes to enter the room, perform the audition and exit the room. This includes auxiliary instruments. Judges will be instructed to shorten regular and auxiliary etudes if they are listening to both.

5.      Room Monitors MUST stop the student at 2 minutes and 30 seconds from the beginning of the audition.

6.      Remind students and judges that they may use their own marked music for the audition.

7.      Students will receive 60 seconds to look at the sight-reading excerpt. Timpanists will receive 90 seconds to look at the sight-reading excerpt and tune the drums.

8.      Before beginning the audition, tell the student or point to the selected excerpt from each etude.  The selected portion will be highlighted on the music in the audition room and hanging on the wall outside each etude room.

9.      Stay in the room during the audition.


In between auditions please keep the hallways quiet!




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