The mission of the IMEA is to promote lifelong music learning and to provide leadership for music education

Senior Chorus

Reps and Contact:              Brian Wand (Co-Rep)

                                                             Brandon Catt (Co-Rep)

                                                             Chris Cherry (Co-Rep)

Festival Conductor:          District Choir: Andrew Last, conductor & TBD, accompanist

                                                           Ninth Grade Choir: R. Brett Goad, conductor & TBD, accompanist

Festival Repertoire:

State Selections

2017 All-State Selections

Domine ad Adjuvandum - G.B. Martini/ed. Castellini

Concordia Publishing House

For the Fallen - Eleanor Daley

Alliance Music Publications, Inc

Other Selections 

Dereva Ni Mungu - Jake Runestad

The Pasture - Z. Randall Stroope

Bonse Aba (TTBB) - Arr. Andrew Fischer

O. Pastorelle Addio (SSAA) - Ubmerto Giordano


 ● State practice tracks can be found at the ILMEA Chorus website:

Audition Procedures:

·         Procedures can be found at

·         Tonal skills sheets can be found at


Ninth Grade Choir

● The purpose of this ensemble is to create an opportunity for ninth grade singers, who currently have no ILMEA District IX choral opportunities.

● This choir will be filled by teacher recommendation, not by audition.

● It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the students nominated are prepared for performance.

● Each participating school can nominate a mixed quartet of ninth grade students (1 soprano, 1 alto, 1 tenor & 1 bass) and an alternate.

● If your school chooses to participate, you must nominate a full quartet, unless your school is made up of all women or all men. In this case you may nominate the two voice parts available.

● Sophomores may be nominated to complete a quartet if there is not a strong freshmen option in a certain voice part. ○ In the event that a sophomore student is nominated for need, but this student is also auditioning for the District Choir, an alternate must be designated (at the time of nomination) in the event the original recommended student is selected to the District Choir.


Judging Information

Please send names and contact info of people, outside of District IX (including private teachers),               you think should be hired to judge. We want to get a good list contacted this spring instead of                 waiting.

Send the info to Aubrey Dunham -

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