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Senior Orchestra

Rep and Contact:             Joanne Wegscheid


Festival Conductor:        William Jones, University of Iowa


Festival Repertoire:       Komm Susser Tod-------J.S. Bach/Leopold Stokowski

                                       Symphony No. 8, Ist movement---------Anton Dvorak

                                       Hungarian March ---- Berlioz ( Audition piece )


Audition Format:

This fall's district audition will have four components:

1. State required excerpt - HERE

2. Scales (C,G,D,A,E,F,B-flat,c,g - three octavess, two for bass, detache, qtr=120)

3. Sight-reading

4. Hungarian March
     EXCERPTS (2016) (1.1 MB)


HARP (2016-17)

1. Excerpt:

#40 Moderato - Universal Method for the Harp (Boscha-Oberthuer)

Carl Fischer

Quarter Note = 80

2. Etude: 

Nutcracker Suite No. 1 (Peter Ilyich Tschaikovsky) - Waltz of the Flowers - Cadenza (Measures 1-32)

Kalmus # A2173   -   Luck's # 06897

3. Sight-reading


Audition Procedures:

School orchestra directors will serve as room monitors during auditions.  A schedule of room monitor assignments will be sent by e-mail as the audition date gets closer.  All orchestra directors are needed to facilitate the auditions.  The schedule of string auditions will be “A-Z” by school name this year.


Students should check in at the registration table outside of the string audition hallway 15-20 minutes before their assigned audition time with their music and instrument ready to play.  At the registration table, students will receive a name badge.  Students must have a badge before auditioning.  A director will point them in the direction of their first audition room.  Students should not check in any earlier than 20 minutes prior to their audition time.  Students may warm up in designated areas or wait in the school commons.


Auditions will be blind; the judge will face away from the student as he/she performs.  Students should not speak during the audition.

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