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Elementary General Music

Welcome to the Elementary General Music (EGM) page!  We hope you will find useful information on this page.  Please click on the links to the left to see a list of EGM Council and District Representatives for EGM. 

If you have any questions or concerns about EGM, please do not hesitate to contact:

Rachel Aupperle, President

Fisher Grade School
801 S. Fifth St
Fisher, IL 61843

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IMEC 2017 Conference - January 25th - 28th, 2017

This year, we have 34 wonderful sessions.  10 of them are on Saturday!  Please join us for a great EGM refresher!

Vivian Murray Caputo 

Incorparating Children's Literature into the Middle and Upper School O rff Music Room 

Start with a story and enhance it with song, speech, movement, Orff instruments and cretive fun 

Orff Schulwerk in Grades 1 – 3

Come sing, speak, move and play the Orff instruments. If you’re new to Orff Schulwerk, come discover the easily accessible magic in the sound of glockenspiels, xylophones and metallophones. If you’re an experienced Orff teacher, come add possibilities to your repertoire and join in the joy of making music together.

The Parts Make the Whole

Use ostinati, motives, countermelody and canon in an Orff Schulwerk way to develop part-singing. Add movement and Orff instruments.


Beth Nelson

Dance & Play: Movement Games for the Music Classroom

Movement games can help to develop kinesthetic, social, and expressive skills. They can be a fun way to warm-up, introduce a new concept, or prepare a musical  piece or dance.  We’ll explore games to expand movement vocabulary and develop skills through playful activities for a variety of ages.

Shapes & Shadows: An Approach to Choreography

Explore an approach to choreographing a mallet percussion piece through the exploration of simple movement concepts.  We will discover ways to develop a group dance using mirroring, shadowing and body shapes.

"Arches and Bridges" exploring dances and music games for a variety of ages that use arches or bridges.

Cristi Cary Miller

Cristi Cary Miller will also be presenting 4 sessions

Jacqueline Kelly-McHale 

Jacqueline Kelly-McHale will be presenting sessions on the ESL students in your music classroom.




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