Adults with drums

2012 IMEC Handout Gallery

Garageband:  Musical Elements Applied

Clinician:  Abigail Blair

  Blair (582.9 KB)

Drumline for Band Directors:  411 or 911

Clinician:  Thomas Bough

Bough (19.1 MB)  

Advocacy by Numbers:  Critical Fine Arts Data to Paint a Picture for Your Community

Clinician:  Matthew Bufis

Bufis (201.0 KB)

How YouTube has Affected My Classroom

Clinician:  Chris Cayari

Cayari (298.4 KB)  

Teaching Ordinary Students How to Scat

Clinician:  Chris Cayari


Afro-Cuban Percussion:  The Basics

Clinician:  Ricardo Flores

  Flores (206.3 KB)

Writing Innovative Curricula for Performance-based Classes

Clinician:  Ryan Hourigan and Matt Temple

  Hourigan/Temple (27.8 MB)

Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance (CMP) in the Choral Rehearsal

Clinician:  Margaret Jenks and Randal Swiggum

  Jenks/Swiggum (63.0 KB)     Jenks/Swiggum2 (285.2 KB)

Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance (CMP) in the Instrumental Rehearsal

Clinician:  Margaret Jenks and Randal Swiggum

  Jenks/Swiggum (63.0 KB)       Jenks/Swiggum2 (285.2 KB)

No Passport Required!  Educating Students Through Music Performance

Clinician:  Sue Keeble and Rachel Aupperle

Keeble/Aupperle (246.1 KB)  

Microphone Techniques for Amplification and Recording Purposes in the Jazz Band Setting

Clinician:  Jeremiah Kramper and Jon Makovec

Kramper (686.1 KB)        Kramper2 (175.6 KB)

Slammin' With the Big Band:  A Director's Teaching Guide for Jazz Drumming

Clinician:  Bret Kuhn

  Kuhn (601.5 KB)

Elementary Essentials for Exceptionalities

Clinician:  Chris Lapka

  Lapka (2.3 MB)

Who's Afraid of Masterworks?  Incorporating Classical Repertoire in Your General Music Curriculum While Meeting Common Core Standards

Clinician:  Melissa Marchman and Sarah Amrein

  Marchman/Amrein (1.4 MB)

Jazz in the General Music Classroom

Clinician:  Kim McCord

  McCord (379.1 KB)

Looking in on Inclusion in General Music

Clinician:  Kim McCord and Leah Crews

  McCord/Crews (2.5 MB)

The MIDI Wind Controller in the Classroom

Clinician:  Neal McMullian

  McMullian (35.9 KB)

Can We Play a Game Please?

Clinician:  Melissa Miller and Christine Smith

  Miller/Smith (609.5 KB)

Canons, Canons, and MORE Canons!

Clinician:  Melissa Miller and Racheal Thurman

  Miller/Thurman (190.7 KB)

The Art of Timpani:  Improving Students' Musicianship

Clinician:  William Moersch

  Moersch (374.4 KB)

RtI (Response to Intervention) in the Music Classroom

Clinician:  Rick Palese and Debra Radke

  Palese/Radke (9.5 MB)

The Music Teacher's First Year:  Tales of Challenge, Joy and Triumph

Clinician:  Beth Peterson

  Peterson (117.8 KB)

Gesture, Body Language, and Teaching

Clinician:  Robert Rumbelow

  Rumbelow (70.6 KB)

Curriculum Writing Made Easy

Clinician:  David Snyder

  Snyder (721.8 KB)

Tanzanian Children Songs/Games in the Elementary Music Classroom

Clinician:  Seth Sululu

  Sululu (793.6 KB)

Doing the Write Thing:  Supporting Literacy in the Performance Classroom

Clinician:  Brian Weidner

Weidner (1.0 MB)  

Tracing the Beginnings of Jazz-Rock Fusion Music

Clinician:  Paul Wertico

Wertico (171.4 KB)

Improving the Link from Coursework to Fieldwork through Cooperating Teacher Preperation

Clinician:  Michael Zemek

Zemek (130.1 KB)

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