Adults with drums

2015 IMEC Handout Gallery

Techniques for Better Bass Playing
Clinician: Andy Anderson

Jazz Ensemble: A.C.C.E.L Application, Consistency, Comprehension, Excitement and the Long-Term (372.5 KB)
Clinician:  George Andrikokus
Ensemble: Youth Jazz Ensemble of DuPage

Stupendous Strings! Building and Maintaining an Orchestra Program (5.9 MB)
Clinician:  Rosemary Ardner

Creative Movement for All (129.1 KB)
Clinician:  Rachel Aupperle

Music Teacher Education that Makes a Difference (68.5 KB)
Clinicians:  Janet Barrett, Christopher Cayari, Jason Hawkins, Channing Paluck, Brian Sullivan and Jennifer Wetzel-Thomas

Beyond the Performance: Incorporating the Many Areas of Music into the Performance-Based Classroom (3.4 MB)
Clinician:  Elizabeth Bennett

Rethinking Education: Bringing a Digital Curriculum to the AP Music Theory Classroom (4.6 MB)
Clinician:  Elizabeth Bennett

Social Media: The Do's and Don'ts for Novice Teachers (139.3 KB)
Clinicians:  Jacob Berglin and Brian Weidner

DIY and Maker Culture in the Music Classroom (89.4 KB)
Clinicians:  Ryan Bledsoe and Julian Peterson

Lighting the Flame and Passing the Torch: Choral Continuum from Elementary to High School (452.1 KB)
Clinicians:  Nathan Bramstedt, Ron Korbitz and Anthony Pape
Ensembles: Brookdale Elementary Chorus, Hill Middle School 8th Grade Chorus and Metea Valley High School Varsity Singers

Preparing the ILMEA Vocal Jazz Selections for 2015-2016
Clinician:  Mike Bultman

Authentic Assessment (101.5 KB)
Clinician:  Brian Burnett

The Road to Improvisation (101.1 KB)
Clinician:  Brian Burnett

Cooperative Music Learning: Fostering Independence (356.8 KB)
Clinician:  Richard Cangro

Measuring Growth in the Music Classroom (Level II) - Type II and III Assessments
Clinicians:  Ben Collins and Bert Johnson

The Upcoming PERA Law: How to Measure Growth in the Music Classroom (291.1 KB)
Clinicians:  Ben Collins and Bert Johnson

Journey to Harmony: A Guide to Basic Vocal Harmony Using Folk Songs from Around the World (80.1 KB)
Clinicians:  Cathy DeLanoy and Ron Korbitz

The Creative Canonic Classroom: Using Canons to Create a Multi-Modal Interdisciplinary Learning Experience in the General Music Classroom (47.4 KB)
Clinicians:  Cathy DeLanoy and Ron Korbitz

Active and Creative Classrooms: An Introduction to the Orff Process (872.7 KB)
Clinicians:  Michele DeLong, Rachel Aupperle, Jennifer Kamradt, Rose Wright and Susan Keeble

Active Music Making with Available Technology
Clinician:  Manju Durairaj

Curriculum Design and Implementation in General Music Education
Clinician:  Manju Durairaj

Band Director or Music Educator: Which One are YOU? (600.1 KB)
Clinicians:  Scott Edgar and Langston Hemenway

Better Marching Band Fundamentals One Step at a Time (95.2 KB)
Clinician:  Scott Edgar

Check, Please?!  (Identifying Check Patterns/"Skeletons" in Percussion Repertroire)
Clinician:  Brandon Estes

Applying Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Music Classroom: The Linguistic Connection (122.8 KB)
Clinician:  Lillie Feierabend

Applying Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Music Classroom: The Math Connection (139.5 KB)
Clinician:  Lillie Feierabend

Books That Sing/Books That Move (71.6 KB)
Clinician:  Lillie Feierabend

Intentional Movement in the Music Classroom
Clinician:  Lillie Feierabend

Ten Ways to Use Tonal Energy With Your Middle School Band (424.5 KB)
Clinician:  Katrina Fitzpatrick
Ensemble: Morton Junior High School 8th Grade Band

Cookin' With Jazz: Tips from Top Jazz Educators (8.9 MB)
Clinicians:  David Fodor, John Blane, Todd Kelly, Chris Madsen and Mary Jo Papich

Comprehensive Musicianship Through Performance (2.8 MB)
Clinician:  Chris Gleason

Developing Musicianship Through Movement
Clinician:  Chad Goetz
Ensemble: Lockport Township High School A Cappella Choir

Meeting the Needs of All Learners: Adapting and Differentiating Instruction in Middle School General Music (48.3 KB) Clinicians:  Amy Gruben, Kimberly McCord and Jesse Rathgeber

This Piece ROCKS! How the Principles and Practices of CMP Help Students to Appreciate Everything in their Folders (70.2 KB)
Clinician:  Carrie Lane Gruselle

Teaching Literacy Across Content Areas: What Does this Really Mean in Music Classrooms
Clinicians:  Ravi Hansra and Jacqueline Kelly-McHale

Teaching Literacy Across Content Areas for the Teacher Candidate
Clinicians:  Ravi Hansra and JacquelineKelly-McHale

Explore the New SmartMusic:  Rubrics, State Standards (PERA), and iPad
Clinician:  David Hawley

Teaching Improvisation Through Language-Learning Strategies (358.7 KB)
Clinician:  Ted Holtz

Brand Your Band:  Creating an Image for Your Ensemble Through Communication and Media Tools
Clinicians:  Barry Houser and Michael West

Conducted Group Improvisation (129.4 KB)
Clinician:  Christian Howes

Props, Toys, Games & Strategies for Developing Confident Elementary Age Singers (2.2 MB)
Clinician:  Christine Kelsey

Common Core in the General Music Classroom (95.3 KB)
Clinician:  Amy Lewis

Becoming the Bridge: Connecting with Our Students Using Rich Choral Music (3.2 MB)
Clinicians:  Jeremy Little and Paulette Boddy

Lessons That Linger
Clinician:  Larry Livingston

Using iPads to Document Student Growth (178.3 KB)
Clinicians:  Rick LoPresto, Megan LoPresto and Kristina Melville

Incorporating Literacy Strategies within the Performance-based Band Class
Clinicians:  Joseph Manfredo and Kara Lyke

Singing With Beauty, Singing With Energy - Using Gestures to Teach These Pedagogical Concepts to Your Choir (131.3 KB)
Clinician:  Leslie Manfredo
Ensemble: Belle Voix

Orchestral World Music - Spice Up Your Musical Offerings by Incorporating World Music Into Your Program (35.6 MB)
Clinician:  Joanne May
Ensemble: Elmhurst Philharmonic Orchestra

Jazzin' in the Elementary General Music Classroom (39.9 KB)
Clinician:  Kimberly McCord

New Music Reading Session for Band
Clinicians:  Charles Menghini and Stacey Larson Dolan
Ensemble: VanderCook College of Music Symphonic Band

No Guys? No Problem. Vocal Jazz Repertoire for All Female Ensembles (1.2 MB)
Clinician:  Michael Molloy
Ensemble: St. Charles North Vocal Jazz Lab

Rehearsal Lab with a Second High School Band
Clinicians:  Linda Moorhouse and Andrew Beckwith
Ensemble: Lockport Township High School Symphonic Band

1 to 1 Tablets in the Elementary Music Room
Clinician:  Brenda Muench

The Art of Mariachi in Our Schools
Clinician:  Alvaro Obregon
Ensemble: The Mariachi Academy 

Contrapuntal Orchestra Music to Develop Great Ensemble Skills (2.0 MB)
Clinicians:  Ray Ostwald and Barbara Scott
Ensembles: Churchville Midde School Orchestra and York Community High School Symphony Strings

Who am I as a Classroom Manager?  Determining and Strengthening Your Classroom Management Philosphy
Clinician:  Christopher Owen

Leveraging Technology in the Performance Based Classroom: Tutorials, Assessments, Instruction and More (94.9 KB)
Clinician:  Leo Park

Inspire Excellence in Your Young Band:  Achieve the Most in Every Lesson
Clinician:  Bruce Pearson

Why Music is Basic:  The Value of Music Education
Clinician:  Bruce Pearson

Appreciating Music Appreciation: Strategies for Teaching All Students (183.6 KB)
Clinician:  Amber Dahlen Peterson

EMBRACE GRADE ONE: Moving Beyond Technique to Musicality for the Junior High Orchestra (511.0 KB)
Clinicians:  Linda Pierson, Melissa Schoonover, Clifford Hunt and Andrew Davis
Ensemble: Joliet All-City Orchestra

Instruments Can Sing Too: How Music of the Renaissance Could Solve Musical Problems for Your Choral Program (99.4 KB)
Clinician:  Brad Pierson

Non-Traditional Composing in the Elementary General Music Classroom (253.7 KB)
Clinicians:  Keira Quintero and Michael McHugh

From Schumann to Skrillex: Teaching Music History and Theory Through Composition (232.1 KB)
Clinician:  William Rank

Teaching Music Teachers About Inclusion and Disability (232.4 KB)
Clinicians:  Jesse Rathgeber and Kimberly McCord

What's Going on in that Classroom? The Wonderful and Varied Possibilities of Student-Centered Ensembles (344.9 KB)
Clinicians:  Jesse Rathgeber, Abbie Von Klompenberg and Isaac Bickmore

May I Have This Dance? Ballroom Dance in the Middle School General Music Classroom (372.4 KB)
Clinician:  Jennifer Rickert

Tensegrity and School-College Collaboration in Music Education
Clinician:  Mitchell Robinson

The Inchworm and the Nightingale: On the (Mis)use of Data in Music Teacher Education
Clinician:  Mitchell Robinson

iPads in Music Education: The Latest Trends, Apps, Accessories, and Strategies (46.0 KB)
Clinician:  Christopher Russell

Quick and Easy Folk Dance (203.8 KB)
Clinicians:  Heather Russell

Differentiate Instruction Using Movement (72.1 KB)
Clinicians:  Heather Russell

HELP! I Teach Middle School, What Do I Do?
Clinician:  Elena Ryan

Teaching a Percussion Course as a Non-Percussionist (5.9 MB)
Clinician:  Neal Shipton
Ensemble: Belvidere North High School Percussion Ensemble

Yoga in the Music Classroom! (125.1 KB)
Clinician:  Daryl Silberman

Powering Up Your Beginning Band Students
Clinician:  Bill Simon

Introduction to Kodaly (4.1 MB)
Clinician:  Christine Smith

Evidence Collection in Ensemble Instruction as Part of the Danielson Framework Assessment Tool (105.6 KB)
Clinicians:  Pamela Nabors Snoeck and Stacey Larson Dolan

Evidence Collection in Ensemble Instruction as Part of the Danielson Framework Assessment Tool for the Teacher Candidate
Clinicians:  Pamela Nabors Snoeck and Stacey Larson Dolan

Music Standards: Then and Now (2.9 MB)
Clinician:  David Snyder

Student Teacher Preceptions of the edTPA (4.0 MB)
Clinicians:  David Snyder and Joe Manfredo

String Orchestra Reading Session
Clinician:  Joshua Stewart
Ensemble: Hersey High School Orchestra

Get Your Life Back with Apps! (3.0 MB)
Clinician:  Wendy Strauss

Considerations and Strategies for College Vocal Auditions (102.4 KB)
Clinicians:  Bridget Sweet and Yvonne Redman

Halloween "Hauntcert": How to Showcase Your Orchestra Through Educational Youth Concerts (101.7 KB)
Clinicians:  Diane Turek and Melissa Siebenthal
Ensembles: Normal Community High School and Normal Community West High School Chamber Orchestras

S.O.S. & S.O.S.: Sharpen Our (Advocacy) Skills & Save Our Students (252.7 KB)
Clinician:  Phillip Vermillion

BrainDance with Songs and Rhymes for ages 4-6 (65.2 KB)
Clinician:  Shana Wagner

Moving Matters! Learn the BrainDance for Yourself and Your Students ages 7-10 (69.5 KB)
Clinician:  Shana Wagner

Movement Matters Part 2 - BrainDance for Elementary Singers ages 7-10 (35.9 KB)
Clinician:  Shana Wagner

Exploring the Dance and Music in Indonesia (7.0 MB)
Clinicians:  Jui-Ching Wang and I Gusti Ngurah Kertayuda
Ensemble: Northern Illinois University Indonesian Gamelan Ensemble

Putting Literacy to Work: Literacy Strategies in the Music Performance Classroom (70.0 KB)
Clinician:  Brian Weidner

"For Those About to Rock!": Designing Rock Curriculum (53.5 KB)
Clinicians:  Heather Winters and William Winters

Ukulele Micro-Session
Clinicians:  David Wonder, Lori Evenhouse, Chris Cayari and Caitlin McGovern

Design for Success (193.7 KB)
Clinician:  Jeff Young

Clarinet 101: Simple Steps to Improve Your Clarinet Section (344.9 KB)
Clinician:  Gail Lehto Zugger 

Low Brass Pedagogy: Tone, Technique, How to Switch for Success
Clinician:  Thomas Zugger

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