Adults with drums

2016 IMEC Handout Gallery

Technology for Beginning Bands (62.0 KB)

Clinician: Craig Alberty 

Champaign Centennial High School Jazz Ensemble (2.1 MB)
Conductors: Michael Allen and Nick Schulze 

Two Three or Not Two Three (10.7 MB)
Clinician: Ruben P. Alvarez 

Irish Dance in the Classroom (77.4 KB)

Clinician: Rachel Aupperle 

Folk Dance Fun! (34.2 KB)
Clinicians: Rachel Aupperle 

Do Mobile Devices and Music Class Go Together? (2.6 MB)
Clinician: Alyssa Avenatti 

Teaching Is Fun With Quaver! (2.8 MB)
Clinician: Alyssa Avenatti 

A Constellation of Curricular Explorations (82.3 KB)
Clinicians: Janet R. Barrett, Tim Caskin, Graham Heise, Julianna Karvelius, Melissa Schwolow, Paul Meiste, and Rachel Palmer 

Developing Jazz Vocabulary in the Large Group Setting
Clinician: Mark Bettcher
Ensemble: Dundee Crown High School Jazz Ensemble

Building Musical Minds One Block at a Time (3.5 MB)
Clinicians: Abigail S. Blair and Kathryn Finch            

Integrating Literature with Integrity
Clinician: Patty Bourne 

Designing Instruction with Kids in Mind
Clinician: Patty Bourne 

Success and Sanity: Drumming in the Music Classroom
Clinician: Patty Bourne

Responsibility, Accountability, Collaboration, Concentration: The Gift of World Music Drumming
Clinician: Patty Bourne 

Metea Valley High School Chamber Singers (2.9 MB)
Conductor: Nathan Bramstedt 

Educating Young Singers: Pathways to Independence (681.2 KB)
Educating Young Singers: Pathways to Independence - Presentation (3.0 MB)
Clinician: Jay Broeker 

Sing a Story, Play a Poem: Developing Music form Text Sources (560.1 KB)
Sing a Story, Play a Poem: Developing Music form Text Sources - Presentation (1023.4 KB)
Clinician: Jay Broeker 

A World of Musical Play: International Children's Singing Games (749.7 KB)
A World of Musical Play: International Children's Singing Games - Presentation (749.7 KB)
Clinician: Jay Broeker 

Meter Magic: Much More Than Counting (708.9 KB)
Meter Magic: Much More Than Counting - Presentation (640.4 KB)
Clinician: Jay Broeker 

Bag of Tricks: How Many Teaching and Learning Strategies are in your Bag? (168.5 KB)
Clinician: Richard Cangro 

Cellos! Build Techniques in Minutes! (1.1 MB)
Clinician: Tanya Lesinsky Carey 

Rolling Meadows High School Symphony Orchestra (5.8 MB)
Conductor: Kevin Carroll 

Reaching Across Disciplines for a Meaningful End to the School Year (83.4 KB)
Clinician: Tim Caskin

Blended Learning for Guitar: You Have to See and Hear it to Believe It (2.4 MB)
Clinician: Mike Christiansen 

Parlez-Vous IPA? Tips and Tools for Great Choral Diction (902.6 KB)
Clinician: Timothy J. Cloeter 

Downers Grove South High School Madrigal Singers (2.4 MB)
Conductor: Laura Coster 

The Intersection of Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Evaluation (164.7 KB)
Clinician: Heather Cote 

Developing a Culture for Learning in the Ensemble: Effectively addressing Domains 2 and 3 in Danielson's Framework (223.9 KB)
Clinicians: Heather Cote and Richard Cangro 

Meeting Them Where They Are: Engaging the Diverse Music Learner (706.0 KB)
Clinicians: Leah Crews and Nancy O’Neill 

Higher-Level Vocal Jazz Improvisation Skills (781.9 KB)
Clinician: Andrew Dahan 

Unlicensed Syncopation (2.0 MB)
Conductor: Andrew Dahan 

Playing without Pain - Tips for You and Your Students (84.0 KB)
Clinician: William Dawson 

Creating a Culture of Excellence (530.0 KB)
Clinician: Chip De Stefano 

Tone Deafness and Other Myths (75.4 KB)
Clinician: Steven M. Demorest

Metea Valley High School Wind Ensemble (3.0 MB)
Conductor: Don Devany 

Westfield Community School Jazz Ensemble (11.0 MB)
Conductor: Kevin Dobbeck 

Let's Talk: Teacher Voice in Illinois (8.4 MB)
Let's Talk: Teacher Voice in Illinois (57.9 KB)
Clinicians: Mary Lynn Doherty and Miriam Van Mersbergen 

Let's Move!: Creating a Movement Vocabulary in Your Classroom (341.0 KB)
Clinician: Andrea Donahoe 

O'Fallon District 90 Symphonic Winds (11.4 MB)
Conductor: Mark Donahue 

From Proposing to Presenting: First-Time Presenter Workshop (65.2 KB)

Clinicians: Manju Durairaj, Judy Meyer Hays, Kim McCord and Jennifer Wetzel Thomas 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Music Education (13.5 MB)

Clinician: Scott Edgar 

Orchestra Explorers Website Featuring The Firebird and Romeo and Juliet (814.8 KB)
Clinician: Brenda Fineberg 

Music Activity Partnership-Resources for Music and Classroom Teachers (582.3 KB)
Clinician: Brenda Fineberg 

Diversifying Your Pedagogy Toolbox (246.5 KB)
Clinician: Jeshua Franklin 

Practical Strategies for Composing and Arranging in the Choral Classroom (968.5 KB)
Clinician: Casey Fuess 

No Auditorium? No Problem! Let's Put on a Show! Musical Theatre in Your School (232.0 KB)
No Auditorium? No Problem! Let's Put on a Show! Musical Theatre in Your School (113.7 KB)
Clinician: Sarah Giordano 

Assessment in the Performance Classroom (2.6 MB)
Clinician: Chris Gleason 

Danielson Framework and CMP (3.1 MB)
Clinician: Chris Gleason 

Myelin Education: Teaching Students HOW to Practice (3.5 MB)
Clinician: Chris Gleason 

Rehearsal Hacks: Using Outcomes and Strategies to Develop Thinking Musicians (1.4 MB)
Clinicians: Chris Gleason and Miriam Altman 

Bella Corda - Naperville North High School String Orchestra (385.8 KB)
Conductor: Dana Green 

Creative Expression Through the Arts (8.4 MB)
Clinicians: Christian V. Hauser and Carmen Hauser 

Literacy Coaching: Why Not Music?
Clinicians: Greg Hensel and Amy Stoops

Lincoln-Way North High School Jazz Ensemble (3.6 MB)
Conductor: Kirk Hickman 

Listen Up! FInding Beautiful Intonation with Your Choir (161.1 KB)
Clinician: David Holdhusen 

Teaching the Emotion of Music (72.6 KB)
Clinician: Lev Ivanov  

Crossing Over: Musical Theatre/Pop Voice Techniques for Solo and Ensemble Singing (60.2 KB)
Clinician: Sarah Wigley Johnson 

A Safe Place to Sing - Welcoming LGBT Students into Choir (1.7 MB)
Clinicians: Nick Juknelis, Angela Fortune, Brian Agustin, and Margaret Koy 

Teaching Jazz Improvisation in a Group Setting: Warm-Ups and Vocabulary to Teach the Jazz Languarge (989.7 KB)
Clinicians: Josh Kaminsky and Heidi Rogers
Ensembles: Metea Valley High School Jazz Ensemble and Hill Middle School Jazz Ensemble 

Buckets, Hand Drums and Tubanos to Play..What Can I Do with These Today? (421.9 KB)
Clinician: Sue Keeble 

Teaching to YOUR Test?! Yes! Using Backward Design to Maximize Student Growth (8.9 MB)
Clinicians: Erin Kozakis and Sarah Inendino 

Beats, Mash-Ups, Loops, and Chops: Sampling for the Music Classroom (44.7 KB)
Clinician: Adam Kruse 

Creative Limitations: Technology, Creativity, and Strategic Parameters (140.7 KB)
Clinicians: Adam Kruse and Francesca Fridman 

Evanston Township High School Jazz Ensemble (2.5 MB)
Conductor: Mike Lehman 

There Must Be an Easier Way to Teach Rhythm!
Clinician: Frank Lestina 

Phrasing Trumps Bowing: Teaching Music Phrasing to String Players (1.7 MB)
Clinician: Frank Lestina 

Midwest Young Artists Big Band (271.8 KB)
Conductor: Chris Madsen 

Cary-Grove High School Morning Wind Ensemble (1.5 MB)
Conductor: Marty Magnini 

Schaumburg Youth Symphony Orchestra (247.2 KB)
Conductor: Joseph Malmquist

No Tiptoes or Tulips Here - More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Starting a Ukulele Program & Orchestra (1.7 MB)
Clinician: Paul Marchese 

Music Tech in General Music: Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before! (210.6 KB)
Clinicians: Paul Marchese and Samantha Tribley 

Tri-Vally High School Concert Band (4.3 MB)
Conductor: Dan Marcotte

What non-String Players REALLY Need to Know About Teaching Orchestra (55.7 KB)
Clinician: Adrianna Marshall 

Harold L. Richards High School Jazz Ensemble (7.1 MB)
Conductor: Charles Martin 

Approaching Orff: An Introduction to Orff-Schulwerk (359.8 KB)
Clinicians: Kristine Mertens, Andrea Donahoe, Terry Bauer, and Jessica Cowger 

Leyden High School Symphonic Band (284.6 KB)
Conductor: Bryan Miller 

iPractice: Practice Room Technology Beyond the Metronome (1.1 MB)
Clinicians: Jennifer Mishra and Barbara Fast 

You are the Band Whisperer: Small Ideas, Spectacular Results (379.9 KB)
Clinician: David Morrison 

Gems from the Gems: Caring for the Music AND the Singers (55.0 KB)
Clinician: J. Dennis Morrissey 

An Orchestra Teacher's Guide to Effectively Leading a Chorus (67.4 KB)
Clinician: Wendy K. Moy 

Eastern Illinois University Wind Symphony (375.0 KB)
Conductor: Alicia Neal 

Bridging the Gap (Between Middle School and High School) (8.0 MB)
Clinician: Marcia Neel 

Jack Hille Middle School 8th Grade Concert Band (3.0 MB)
Conductor: Steven Nendza 

Teaching the Blues: Your First 10 Jazz Lessons (493.8 KB)
Clinician: Chad O'Brien 

But I DID Practice: Empowering Young Instrumentalists with Targeted Practice Strategies (172.2 KB)
Clinician: Ellen Oberto 

Edwardsville High School Concert Choir II and Chamber Singers (787.1 KB)
Conductor: Emily Ottwein 

Ukuleles and You (2.5 MB)
Clinicians: Jason Pachona and Jeffrey Urban 

Conduct with Me: The Gestural Language of Mirroring and Empathy (396.6 KB)
Clinicians: Brad Pierson and Brian Winnie 

How to Create Your Music Tech Classroom with Only a Web Browser (2.4 MB)
Clinician: Corey Richardson 

An Introduction to Kodaly (719.6 KB)
Clinicians: Rachel Rosellini, Janell Bjorklund, and Jamie Parker 

Braille Eye for the Sighted Guy: Technology for Making Your Course Accessible (25.1 KB)
Clinician: TobyRush 

String Orchestra Reading Session (267.1 KB)
Clinicians: Nathan Sackschewsky, Allan Dennis, and Robin Sackschewsky
Ensemble: Batavia High School Chamber Orchestra 

Teach the Band Fundamentals in Every Rehearsal (117.9 KB)
Clinician: Steve Scherer
Ensemble: Geneseo High School Honors Band 

Powering Up Your Middle School Band (516.6 KB)
Clinician: Bill Simon 

Communicating with Your non-Musician Administrator (36.3 KB)
Clinicians: Pamela Nabors Snoeck and Stacey Larson Dolan 

Assessing Your Choir Students Through Chamber Music (1.0 MB)
Clinicians: David Snyder and Ben Luginbuhl
Ensemble: Normal Community High School Chamber Choir 

Jazz Rehearsal Game Plan (1.4 MB)

Clinician: Dean Sorenson 

Growth, Objectives, Assessments - Oh My! (2.1 MB)
Clinicians: Theresa Steiner and Nicholas Loafman 

The Frenzied Instrumental Conductor's Guide to Score Preparation (153.2 KB)
Clinician: Gary Stith 

Twelve Proven Strategies that will Improve and "Light a Fire" Under Your Percussion Section! (543.8 KB)
Clinician: Gary Stith 

Instilling Music Literacy in "The Other 80%"
Clinician: Wendy Strauss 

Mundelein High School Jazz Ensemble (12.0 MB)
Conductors: Andy Sturgeon and Jerald Shelato 

The Art of Observation (123.8 KB)
Clinician: Brian M. Sullivan

Adolescent Voice Change: Enriching the Conversation with Transgender Perspectives (832.5 KB)
Clinicians: Bridget Sweet, Liz Martin, and Louis Bergonzi

Improvise with Your Audience (31.1 KB)
Clinician: John William Trotter
Ensemble: Wheaton College Concert Choir 

Lights, Camera, Action!: Student Music Videos Using iMovie (227.5 KB)
Clinicians: Amber Turner and Carolyn Palmer 

Do You Want to Build a Show Choir? (6.2 MB)
Clinician: Debora Utley
Ensemble: The Expressions Show Choir 

CYSO's Preparatory Strings (3.5 MB)
Conductors: Daniella Valdez and Anne McTighe 

Performing a Concert for Special Needs Children and Their Families (54.2 KB)
Clinicians: Lawrence Van Oyen and Joseph Lill 

Tri-M: From Nothing to Something to Soaring (76.3 KB)
Clinicians: Phillip D. Vermillion and Sheri Conover 

Beyond Ali Baba: Arabic Children's LIterature and Music in the Elementary Music Classroom (8.2 MB)
Clinicians: Jui-Ching Wang, Omar al Musfi, and Dima Orsho
Ensemble: The NIU Middle Eastern Ensemble 

OneVoice-Millikin University Vocal Jazz Ensemble (1.2 MB)
Conductor: Steve Widenhofer 

Grow Your Own: Developing Jazz Bassists (for the Non-Bassist) (2.4 MB)
Clinician: Stacy Williams-Jackson 

Rock Orchestra Reading Session (427.2 KB)
Clinicians: Stacy Williams-Jackson, Mike Bultman, Nate Jackson, and Steve Hawk

PERA Pitfalls: How to Learn From Our District's Revisions (35.5 KB)
Clinicians: Bill Winters, Emily Allison, and Marisa Miko 

How to Avoid and Fix Common Bad Habits on the Oboe (128.8 KB)
Clinician: Heather Winters 

Passport to the World: A Musical Journey (267.5 KB)
Clinicians: Heather Winters and Jessica Zolmierski 

Collinsville High School Wind Ensemble (723.5 KB)
Conductor: Robert Wright 

Where Do I Start? Making General Music a Part of Your Healthy High School Music Program (105.6 KB)
Clinicians: Gina Wych, Randy Benware, and Rick Anderson 

Differentiating Recorder instruction in General Music Classroom (802.2 KB)
Clinician: Gina Yi 

Korean Folk Music in General Music Classroom: Play and Collaboration (961.1 KB)
Clinician: Gina Yi 

Creating Staging and Movement for Choral Performance (86.4 KB) Clinician: Carlyn Zimmermann

The Amazing Case...Featuring Baba Yaga and the Hut of Fowl's Legs
Clinician: Deborah Ziolkoski 

1, 2, 3 it's F-U-N, You See! (K-6) (823.1 KB)
Clinician: Deborah Ziolkoski




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