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2017 IMEC Handout Gallery


Preventing Behaviors: How To Prepare Students with Exceptionalities To Succeed In Music (71.9 KB)

Clinicians: Catie Alls and Maureen Orawiec

Click, Tap & Pass" Rhythm Stick, Bean Bag and Hand Clapping Games for the Upper Elementary Classroom (2.0 MB)

Clinician: Rachel Aupperle

Pašokime! Lithuanian Folk Dance for the General Music Classroom (3.7 MB)

Clinician: Sarah Bartolome

Cover Project: Relevant Performance Experiences Using Popular Music (2.9 MB)

Clinician: Carolyn Boudreau

Intro to Kodaly (762.7 KB)

Clinician: Central Illinois Kodaly Educators C.I.K.E.

Teaching Ukulele - Pedagogy, Learning Sequence, Activities, and Assessment (1.7 MB)

Clinician: Ryan Clarin

Finding My Voice: A Hip-Hop Music Curriculum For Students of Diverse Backgrounds (149.2 KB)

Clinician: Larena Code

Mission:iPad - Launching Active Music-Making Into the 21st Century (63.5 KB)

Clinician: Nathan Coon and Sophie Taft

Recruiting and Retention: Building the Bridge Between Music and Athletics (144.2 KB)

Clinician: Brandon Crawford

Ensemble: Princeton High School Concert Choir

9ths and 11ths and 13ths, Oh My! Jazz Harmony For the Uninitiated (1.2 MB)

Clinician: Andrew Dahan

Clarinet Playing Made Easy: Improve Your Clarinet Section With 5 Easy Steps (222.3 KB)

Clinician: Christine Damm

The Festival of Hitting Things and Other Strategies for Developing a Culture of Excellence in Your Percussion Section (400.9 KB)

Clinician: Chris Dandeles and Shelley May Hutchison

Ensemble: Waubonsie Valley High School

Bienvenidos a la Musica! Bilingual Students in the Performing Arts Classroom (53.2 KB)

Clinician: Elizabeth Darin and Andrew Darin

Tapping Invisible Talent: Discovering the Best Student Musicians at Your School You Never Knew Existed (317.6 KB)

Clinician: Francisco Dean

Singing: The Cornerstone Of the General Music Class (902.9 KB)

Clinician: Renee DeJager and Beth Thompson

International Baccalaureate (IB) Music: A Crash Course (80.7 KB)

Clinician: Erica Desaulneirs

InterAct with Assessments: Formative and Summative Assessments with InterActive Technology (3.1 MB)

Clinician: Manju Durairaj

I Am the Only One: Challenges and Rewards of Teaching Music in a Small K-12 Program (37.3 KB)

Clinician: Scott Edgar and Anne Barry

Performance Norms (145.8 KB)

Clinician: Peter Eilrich and Monica Fuentes

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen! (886.0 KB)

Clinician: Katrina Fitzpatrick

Ensemble: Morton Jr. High School Jazz Band with JC and the Redemption

Do You Hear What I Hear? Audiation, MLT in the Elementary Music Classroom

Clinician: Robin Giebelhausen

Yes, Uke Can! Teach the Ukulele with a Song-Based Curriculum

Clinician: Robin Giebelhausen

Compelling Conducting: Creating, Connecting, and Communicating (106.4 KB)

Clinician: Kevin Geraldi

In Their Own Write: Transforming Young Musicians through the Power of Composing (211.6 KB)

Clinician: David Getz

The First Four Weeks: Successfully Starting Your Beginners (4.8 MB)

Clinician: Kelley Gossler

Control Your Classroom (5.1 MB)

Clinician: Judy Meyer Hays

An edTPA Primer for Cooperating Teachers (379.3 KB)

Clinician: Benjamin Helton

Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Making the Most of Repertoire (1.0 MB)

Clinician: Crystal Henricks

Orff of Course! (123.4 KB)

Clinician: Jean Hersey and Cynthia Seputis

Solfege Is Not Just For Teaching Sight-reading (36.2 KB)

Clinician: Mary Hopper

Assessment with a Purpose: Improving Your Band Students' Sightreading and Music Literacy Skills (9.8 MB)

Clinician: Ed Huckeby and Greg Allen

Ensemble: Highland Middle School Band

A Relative Modulation: Teaching the Language of the Art Form Through Verbal Precision from the Podium (400.0 KB)

Clinician: William Jastrow

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall: Using Reflection to Cultivate Intrinsic Motivation (605.8 KB)

Clinician: Michael Kasper and Beth Mazur Wood

Ensemble: Carpentersville Middle School 8th Grade Band

Planting Seeds of Opportunity for ALL: Facilitating Social Justice Conversations in the General Music Classroom (300.9 KB)

Clinician: Jacqueline Kelly-McHale

Building From the Ground Up: Keys To Growing a Successful Music Program With Limited Resources (304.6 KB)

Clinician: Amber Kenis and Marcus Hostetler

Teaching Music History Through Rounds (742.8 KB)

Clinician: Ron Korbitz

Sound The Horn! Advocacy, Strategies & Support for Starting your Beginning Band Students on French Horn (92.1 KB)

Clinician: Kelly Langenberg

Our Product is a Certain Kind of Kid: A Comprehensive Musicanship Through Performance Overview (321.4 KB)

Clinician: Jeremy Little, Ray Ostwald, and Bill Rank

Wisdom Begins in Wonder: Asking Thoughtful Questions, Creating Meaningful Conversations (770.0 KB)

Clinician: Jeremy Little and Mary Lynn Doherty

Before Assessment and Data: How Do You Decide What To Teach? Developing a Music Performance Ensemble Curriculum Based on Standards (3.0 MB)

Clinician: Leslie Manfredo

The Core Arts Music Standards and the Model Cornerstone Assessments (525.6 KB)

Clinician: Kimberly McCord

Rock Bands For Typical Students And Those With Disabilities (105.3 KB)

Clinician: Kimberly McCord and Nancy O'Neill

Building the Vocal Jazz Ensemble (771.2 KB)

Clinician: Jim McCullough

Ensemble: St. Charles East Vocal Jazz Workshop

Beyond Music Appreciation: Curricular Models for Student Engagement (145.2 KB)

Clinician: Caitlin McGovern

Watch Me Grow! Digital Portfolios In Elementary Music (56.0 KB)  

Clinician: Brenda Muench

Ukulele in the General Music Classroom (2.0 MB)

Clinician: Jennifer Peters

Becoming the Bridge: Connecting With Our Students Using Rich Instrumental Music (4.8 MB)

Clinician: William Rank and Robert Buckley

Ensemble: Oak Prairie Symphonic Band I

60 Seconds To Excellence - A Fast and Easy Approach To Shaping the Left Hand (203.8 KB)

60 Seconds To Excellence - A Fast and Easy Approach To Shaping the Left Hand - Slides (7.1 MB)

Clinician: Rhona Reagen and Jessie Reagen Mann

A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma: The Double Bass (247.9 KB)

Clinician: Michael Riggs

Ensemble Director Teaching General Music? Ideas to Help All Music Educators to Be Comfortable with Teaching General Music (84.0 KB)

Clinician: David Seifert

Yoga and Stretching for the Music Classroom (86.4 KB)  

Clinician: Daryl Silberman


Teaching for Transfer: Making Every Moment Count (5.5 MB)

Clinician: Robert Sinclair

The Big Picture: Producing and Directing Your Marching Band Program (45.1 KB)

Clinician: Pamela Nabors Snoeck and Kenneth M. Snoeck

Small School Blues: Jazz Can Happen In Small Schools! (60.9 KB)

Clinician: Sheri Steward

Ensemble: St. Rose Jazz Band

Mindfulness in Music (123.3 KB)

 Clinician: Brandon Stover and Emily Stover

Finding Your Sound On the Flute: Tips For Creating a Beautiful Tone (264.9 KB)

Clinician: Patricia Surman

Analyzing for Meaning (274.4 KB)

Clinician: Matt Temple and Josh Chodoroff

High Five Choir (11.4 MB)

Clinician: Susan Vaughan

Incorporating Content-Area Literacy Into Pre-service Music Education (63.2 KB)

 Clinician: Brian N. Weidner


Using Literacy Strategies to Enhance Musical Learning (10.4 MB)

Clinician: Brian N. Weidner

Bassoon Strategies For the Instrumental Music Educator (445.9 KB)

Clinician: Jacqueline Wilson

Authentic Assessment In General Music Class: Meeting Children’s Musical Needs (1.4 MB)

Clinician: Gina Yi

Brass Pedagogy 101: Basics To Brilliance And How To Switch For Success (141.1 KB)

Clinician: Thomas Zugger

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