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Middle School Band Decoded: Creating an Environment for Success (89.7 KB)

Amanda J. Allen

Movin' and Grovin' (1.1 MB)

Artie Almieda


Singing Fun 'n Games (362.2 KB)

Artie Almieda


Percussion Discussion (865.5 KB)

Artie Almieda

Stronger Together: Connecting Public School Music Programs and Youth Orchestras (175.9 KB)

Brian Baxter, Maura Brown, David Commanday, Theresa Goh, Allen Tinkham, Daniella Valdez and Brayer Teague

Sowing the Seeds of Opportunity for ALL Students (1.1 MB)

Janell Bjorklund

Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead! (702.5 KB)

Abigail Blair and Kathryn Finch

Energize Your Concert Band (118.9 KB)

Thomas Bough


The Jazz Combo: From Lead Sheet to Performance (1.5 MB)

Daniel Brame


Cantamos! Promoting Music Literacy with Spanish-Language Resources (52.1 KB)

Alicia Brown


Adaptive Music: Curriculum Planning Focused on Special Needs Students (123.8 KB)

Katie Bush


Dalcroze Eurhythmics in the General Music Classroom (362.3 KB)

Marla Butke


Music on a Cart (513.2 KB)

Ariel Ciasto and Teresa Falsone


How to Grow a Band in a Small Title 1 District (334.2 KB)

Korey Coffer, Lindsey Boyette, Erika Coffer and John Hollingsworth


Make Me a Match: Getting Students Set Up on the Right Instruments from the Beginning (750.7 KB)

Erin Cole


Hiding the Vegetables: Unique and Creative Ways to Teach Young Band Students the Much-Needed Fundamentals on a Daily Basis (220.0 KB)

Erin Cole


Building a Strings Ensemble: Tips and Strategies for the Development of a Successful (and Rewarding!) Orchestral Program (67.4 KB)

Christine D'Alexander


Perspectives on Vocal Jazz Education (82.2 KB)

Andrew Dahan, Jeannie Craddock, Cory Jones, Meredith McGuire and Mike Molloy


Wonderful Woodwinds: Building Balance and Blend in Young Bands (555.3 KB)

Christine Damm


Closing the Gap of Urban Instrumental Music Education: Tips to Thrive as an Urban Instrumental Music Educator and Suggested Reforms for our Approach to Urban Music Education (86.1 KB)

C.J. Daniel


SoundTrap: Garageband for Chromebooks (72.0 KB)

Jeff Dare


Game of Tones: Creative Ways to Explore Choral Sound (1.0 MB)

Zachary Durlam


Making the Most of a Small Marching Band: From Design to Implementation to Performance (Works on big bands too!) (973.4 KB)

Will Fairbanks


A Way of Doing Things: The Alexander Technique for Conductors (444.5 KB)

Jeshua Franklin


Creative Movement to Enhance Musicianship in Elementary Music (598.2 KB)

Donna Gallo


Herding the Cats: Reflecting Your Priorities in Teaching Jazz Improv (305.2 KB)

Antonio Garcia


Add Joy to Your Classroom with Joia Tubes (93.2 KB)

Cyndee Giebler


Crooked River Choral Project (66.6 KB)

Cyndee  Giebler

The World is Your Oyster! Building Cross-Curricular Connections through Folk Music and Movement (3.9 MB)

Otto Gross 


Teach Them All: Effective and Efficient Class Pedagogy for Beginning Band (2.4 MB)

Phillip Hash


Landing Your First Job in Music Education (962.4 KB)

Phillip Hash


Content, Process, and Product: Differentiated Instruction in the Elementary Music Classroom (1.4 MB)

BethAnn Hepburn


No Instruments? No Problem! Orff Unbarred (1.4 MB)

BethAnn Hepburn


Meanwhile in the Percussion Section: A Guide to Creating Well-Rounded Percussive Studies and Techniques (1.8 MB)

Adam Hill


A Conductor’s Expressive Palette: Bringing Every Note to Life through Gesture (1.2 MB)

Trent Hollinger


An 8 to 5 Step in Innovative Solutions: Improve Rehearsal Productivity through the Use of Sustainable Technology (422.0 KB)

Barry Houser


Hip-Hop Workshop for Music Educators (1.2 MB)

Adam Kruse


Including Students with Disabilities in Performing Ensembles (983.1 KB)

Christine Lapka


I Have To Put On a Musical? Now What?! (337.4 KB)

Amy Lemons and Janice Zook


Incorporating Universal Design for Learning in Music with Students of All Abilities (581.6 KB)

Amanda McClintock


Building a Better Brass Section: Effective Teaching Strategies (871.0 KB)

Alicia Neal, Andrew Cheetham, Evan Kelsick, Kevin Miescke and Jemmie Robertson


Inside Out: Infusing Creative Musical Practices into the Traditional Large Ensemble Classroom Setting (125.8 KB)

Leo Park


Fostering Creative Practitioners: Inspiring Music Teacher Professional Development Through Reflection and Inquiry (174.4 KB)

Casey Schmidt


Teaching Jazz Improvisation by Expanding the Creative Framework to Include Popular Music (256.7 KB)

Casey Schmidt


Time, Space, Weight, and Flow: A Journey to Beat Competence (454.1 KB)

Christine Smith


From Behind the Judge's Table: What a Judge Listens For (93.8 KB)

Todd Stalter, Patrick Mainieri and Katrina Fitzpatrick


Evaluation Evidence: What the Music Teacher Can Do to Deliberately Document Danielson Domains (173.6 KB)

Don Stinson


High School Drum Circle for SPED: From the Ground Up (159.6 KB)

Dave Tribley and Vicky Pogue


Transcribing: The Essential Is Invisible To The Eye (11.3 MB)

Rodrigo Villanueva Conroy


Handbells and Handchimes at School: How to Get Started and Where to Go Next! (219.5 KB)

David Weck


Beyond Student Leadership: Developing Student Voice in the Large Ensemble (40.1 KB)

Brian Weidner and Jacob Berglin


Tuning Open Strings Can Become SLO's (134.9 KB)

Sara White

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