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IMEC Selection Guidelines


The ILMEA Board of Directors endeavors to create a conference program that features musical performances and demonstrations of the highest caliber, providing conference attendees with exposure to a wide variety of performances by various types of music ensembles that represent the geographic diversity of Illinois.

For Demonstration and Performance Sessions, the following application elements are considered by the Selection Committees appointed by the Performing Division Presidents:

Eligibility for Performing Ensembles & Demonstration Sessions

No session proposal or performance application will be considered without a fully completed application that contains all mandatory components. Music ensembles led by current ILMEA Board of Directors’ members are not eligible for consideration. School music ensembles are eligible to perform at IMEC once every four years.  

Scheduling of Selected Performing Ensembles & Demonstration Sessions

Invitations to appear on the Illinois Music Education Conference program will be extended no later than June 1. If accepted, the Demonstration or Performance Session may be scheduled on any day, at any time and in any location as determined by the IMEC Planning Committee.

Note: ILMEA reserves the right to rescind the invitation of any session that fundamentally changes (conductor, ensemble type, etc.) following acceptance.

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