2014 District 7 Choral Audition Statement

On Thursday, October 9, 2014, ILMEA was notified of allegations of schools having prior knowledge of the sight-reading examples for the District 7 Senior Chorus auditions and preparing the sight-reading examples in advance. These allegations triggered an investigation by the ILMEA Executive Committee.

The following steps are being taken to address these allegations and the anomalies in the sight-reading scores of the 2014 District 7 Senior Chorus auditions:
1. As of today, all of the sight-reading scores from the 2014 District 7 Senior Chorus auditions will be deleted.
2. All students currently selected for the District 7 Senior Chorus will remain in the festival chorus.
3. ILMEA will recalculate the scores of all chorus students who auditioned with the sight-reading score omitted. Any additional students whose total score in prepared selections and tonal skills would have earned them placement in the Senior Chorus will be added to the festival ensemble, and their directors will be notified. This process will be completed by Thursday, October 16 and is being over-seen by the ILMEA State President-Elect and ILMEA Executive Director.
4. All Seniors and Juniors in the festival chorus will re-audition on new sight-reading exercises on the day of the district festival, Saturday, November 8. This will be the sight-reading score that is added to the student’s prepared selections and tonal skills scores from the 2014 District 7 Senior Chorus auditions. This new total score will be used for the purpose of All-State Selection ranking. This process will be over-seen by the ILMEA State Chorus Division Vice President.
5. In the 2015 ILMEA audition cycle the sight-reading portion of the audition in all divisions and districts will be new, never-used by ILMEA exercises.
ILMEA takes the integrity of the audition process very seriously. To know that this process has failed in any way is disappointing to the entire ILMEA family. The steps outlined above, plus any other actions deemed necessary by the ILMEA Executive Committee during this ongoing investigation, are designed to strengthen ILMEA’s student programs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this statement, please contact Darcy A. Nendza, ILMEA Executive Director at or 708-479-4000.
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