Young boys singing

Lisa Eaton


Where do you teach?

King Elementary, Rockford School District 205, ILMEA District 8

What do you teach?

General Music - most classes meet twice per week for 45 minutes each. A total of 305 students.                  

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Watching the enjoyment that students get when they create music or discover a new piece of music they enjoy.

What makes the music program at King Elementary unique?

King is a very low-income school, however they receive the same exposure to music and instruments as do the more affluent school programs. The support from the school administrator for the arts education is very strong and the work I do with students in music is very much appreciated.                  

What do students get from the music program that they do not get anywhere else in school?

In music, students have a chance to express themselves and create individually in a non-judgmental environment. I strive for a positive environment of acceptance and support for all students.                 

What are the top five reasons students are involved in music at King Elementary?

The enjoyment of creating and performing music.
To be included as part of a group.
The opportunity to express themselves.
For the love of music.                                   

How has ILMEA involvement benefitted the educators, students and music education at your school?

I have been fortunate to meet many music educators through my work with ILMEA at both the district and state level from which I have learned countless techniques and ideas that I have brought back and shared with educators in my district. The clinics and workshops I have attended have improved my classroom effectiveness, which benefits my students in many ways.                  

What are your educational goals for this year?

My goals for this year is to have students meet the grade level expectations with confidence and to have students enjoy creating and performing a variety of styles of music throughout the year.                  

How do you incorporate assessment and standards-based learning in your music curriculum, and how does it benefit your students?

Our curriculum is aligned with the National Standards for Arts Education and the new National Core Arts Standards. This ensures that our students are being taught all the concepts for a well-rounded music education. We are currently working on and revising standards based assessments to align with these new National Core Arts Standards.                  

Please share something with new teachers that you have found helpful in your life.

There are always multiple ways to teach a concept. Don't get stuck thinking there is only one way to do anything. Also remember to take time for yourself. It is imperative to refresh and "sharpen the saw.” This will not only have a great effect on you but your students as well.

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