Junior Instrumental Jazz Auditions

1. Audition Etude
**2018 - Cycle 3: Click Here to access Cycle 3 Etudes

2. Prepared Selection
**2018 - Cycle 3: Blues in Hoss Flat - Frank Foster, arr. Mark Taylor (Hal Leonard)
2019 - Cycle 1: Now's the Time - Charlie Parker, arr. Rick Stitzel (Hal Leonard)
2020 - Cycle 2: In Walked Bud - Thelonius Monk, arr. Craig Von Berg (Lorenz/Matrix)

3. Improvisation

**2018 - Cycle 3: Bb Blues, Jamey Abersold, Volume 1 with the chord changes in the Cycle 3 etude.

2019, 2020 - Cycles 1 & 2: F Blues, Jamey Aebersold, Volume 54 (Maiden Voyage, Track 10) with the chord changes in the Cycles 1 or 2 etude (for the corresponding year).

Note: Guitarists will be asked to play four chords per measure in a "Freddie Green" style to the Bb Blues Volume 1 Aebersold track. Drummers should be able to demonstrate swing, samba or bossa, and/or rock styles..

Senior Instrumental Jazz Auditions

Please visit the Instrumental Jazz Division Page for audition material.

In addition to the statewide Jazz Audition requirements, Senior Jazz students in District 8 will prepare and audition on the applicable Swing Etude from Stylistic Etudes in the Jazz Idiom (Hal Leonard, 2nd Edition):

**2018 - Cycle 3: Swing Etude #3
2019 - Cycle 1: Swing Etude #1
2020 - Cycle 2: Swing Etude #2

Click Here to see selected measures by instrument for each Etude.

Senior Vocal Jazz Auditions

Please visit the Vocal Jazz Division Page for audition material.