Vocal Jazz Singers

District 1 Policies and FAQ

All District activities are governed through the ILMEA Constitution, bylaws, and policies which can be found by clicking here. Any additional questions on policies and procedures can be directed to the District President, 


ILMEA policy on Audition Feedback:

The Illinois Music Education Association Board of Directors does not condone the release of any scores, ranking or evaluative feedback material relative to the district and all-State audition/selection/ranking process. The primary function of the audition process is to determine which students are best suited to effectively participate in the performance organizations at the district and state levels and to rank those students as necessitated by standard organization processes within each division (i.e. part assignments, solo assignments, seating, etc). While the Board recognizes the pedagogical value of feedback to auditionees to help them identify areas for improvement, the limited amount of time available during district auditions does not reasonably allow auditioners to focus on their primary responsibility to identify qualified students AND also provide valid feedback on the relative strengths and weaknesses of each student's performance. 

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