Vocal Jazz Singers

How To Participate


1. Register your school in the online RNS (Registration/Nomination/Selection) System.
• Detailed Instructions

2. If your school is already registered in the RNS, update/confirm your school profile.
• Detailed Instructions

3. Submit your Jr/Sr participating formand pay the $35 fee. Elementary Participation Form(No fee for elementary level.)

4. Once the State Office processes your payment and activates your school account, nominate your students in the RNS.

5. After you have entered all the students that will audition from your school, print out the billing sheet from the RNS, sign it, have your principal sign it, and mail it with payment to the ILMEA State Office.

    Always check that student names are spelled correctly and that you have entered the correct instrument or voice part for them. All nametags, programs, billing, etc. are taken directly from the data entered by the teachers. 

    Deadlines are listed on the website and also on the RNS.

    Billing sheets must have a principal signature and director signature.

    Nominate students from the school listed on the billing sheet only. Teachers who teach at multiple schools must submit one billing sheet per school. Private students must be registered under the school that they attend.

6. Prepare your students for their auditions. Check your email for information from the District President regarding auditions and then selection and festival information.

District 2 & 8 Schools Nominating String Students:

Please note that you need to follow this procedure if your schools is not listed under District 8:

District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9