Vocal Jazz Singers

Elementary Chorus

Ethan Ivey - Elementary Chorus Chair
Macomb Schools


Guest Conductor:

Melanie Butcher, Macomb Schools

Accompanist: Sharon Nott, WIU

District IV Elementary Chorus 2018 Repertoire


Galop (from "Solfege Suite") 
Ken Berg - Pavane Publishing




Thula Klizeo 
Joseph Shabalala/arr. Leanne MacDonnell - Pavane Publishing





The Dream Keeper

Rollo A. Dilworth





Tailor of Gloucester 
Cyndee Giebler - Henry Leck Choral Series





I would like to encourage you to nominate students to our chorus.  Our numbers have dwindled over the years, and it would be great to see a chorus of nearly 100 again!  Remember, there is NO audition or audition fee for this chorus, students are simply nominated by their directors on the ILMEA RNS webpage, and pay the $10 participation fee.Please just rank your students for us on the nomination form online, in the event we have to cull the group.  

If you know of a teacher that has retired or moved and someone else has taken over their position, would you be so kind as to let us know?  We want our email list to be as accurate as possible so it reaches everyone.  Better yet, encourage them to update their information on the ILMEA website in RNS and enter some students!

Please let me know if you have any questions, or need any assistance!


 Ethan Ivey

District IV Elementary Chorus Representative




Audition info:

1. There is no audition for elementary choir students.

2. Students need to be nominated via the RNS system.RNS

3. This group is for fifth and sixth grade students only.


Mass Ensemble Piece Rotation:


        2018- My America by Joyce Eilers and Paul Murtha

        2019- God Bless America by Joyce Eilers and Paul Jennings

        2020- Pledge of Allegiance by Alfred Reed


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