Vocal Jazz Singers

Junior Chorus

Heather Woods, Junior Choir Chairperson

Georgetowne Schools




Guest Conductor: James Remington, Retired Bradley University




*The Bee                               Tom Shelton Hinshaw Music        HMC 1778     3-Part


*Misty Morning                      Carl Nygard  Hinshaw Music        HMC 720       SAB


Let Beauty Awake               Laura Farnell            BriLee Music             BL595            SSA

                                                                                                                (Ladies Number)


Born, Born in Bethlehem     Donald Moore         BriLee Music             BL 210           T/B       

                                                                                                                 (Mens Number)


Joshua's Battle                    Greg Gilpin                BriLee Music        BL 982        SATB



*Required audition selection

Practice Tracks


1.    Each student will sing:

     **Required Audition Selections

       Major and a minor triad

       Major scale and a harmonic minor scale

 (The student may choose the starting pitch but the judge WILL NOT play along on the piano.)

2.    9th grade students MUST audition for high school.

3.    Double-check all voice parts during the online entry process. Changing voice parts on audition day requires the signature of the district president and the junior high choral representative.


***Students may NOT audition for both concert choir and concert band.


Musicianship – 10

Rhythm Accuracy – 10

Note Accuracy – 10

Diction – 10

Tone – 10

Major Triad – 5

Minor Triad – 5

Major Scale – 5

Minor Scale – 5


Mass Ensemble Piece Rotation:

        2017- Pledge of Allegiance by Alfred Reed

        2018- My America by Joyce Eilers and Paul Murtha

        2019- God Bless America by Joyce Eilers and Paul Jennings


District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9