Vocal Jazz Singers

Senior Chorus

Senior Chorus Representatives:

Tony Militello – Senior Choir Representative

Canton High School


309-647-1820 x2132  

Guest Conductor


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State Required Pieces:






2. REGINA COELI - MOZART - BOB BOYD EDITION Regina Coeli KV 276 (266.8 KB)



District 4 Additional Repertoire:









Audition Requirements:

1.  All-State Required Pieces *** 

Recordings of Audition materials: 


Students will sing 2 excerpts from the Sr. Chorus Repertoire, to be announced the morning of auditions. One excerpt will be chosen from the All-State required pieces. The other excerpt may be chosen from the other All-State piece, or from one of the district pieces. Memorization is not necessary for the auditions. Reminder that in District 4 - students should be prepared to audition on ALL six selections. Students will be given the starting pitch and tonality for each excerpt; they will then perform a cappella.


2. Tonal Skills

a. SCALES-All students will perform a major scale, and 1 of the three forms of minor scales, to be announced the morning of auditions. Sopranos and Tenors will sing in F major and D minor. Altos and Basses will sing in Db major and Bb minor. Students may sing on any numbers or syllables they wish, but humming is NOT allowed.

b. TRIADS-All students will sing a major triad on E. Students will be asked to sing two of the other forms: minor, diminished, or augmented, starting on a D, E, or F. Students may use any syllable or numbers they wish, but humming is not allowed.


3. Sight Reading - All students will be asked to sight read two short melodies, 4-8 measures in length, in either a major or minor tonality. Students will be graded on pitch and rhythmic accuracy.

Sample Sight-Reading: 



4. Age Requirement/Voice Part - 9th grade students MUST audition for SENIOR CHOIR. Make sure to enter the correct voice part when completing the online entry process. Switching voice parts on audition day will not be allowed.


5. Special Rules -

a. Students may only audition for 1 concert group, and 1 jazz group. (Students may NOT audition for BOTH Sr. Chorus and Sr. Band, or BOTH Sr. Chorus and Sr. Orchestra)

b. Students may use ANY visual aid they wish for the tonal skills portion of their audition.



Rhythm Prepared – 8

Note Accuracy Prepared – 8

Intonation Prepared – 8

Diction Prepared – 8

Musicianship Prepared – 8

Tone – 28

Tonal Skills – 16 

Sight Reading – 16





For further details, please visit the ILMEA Website Chorus Division page, or e-mail Josh Spear.

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