Vocal Jazz Singers

Senior Chorus

Tony Militello – Senior Choir Representative

Canton High School


309-647-1820 x2132  


Guest Conductor: Sarah Catt, Elk Grove Village, Dist. 214

Guest Accompanist:  Po Chuan-Chiang, Western Illinois University


State Required Pieces:

 Sicut Cervus - Palestrina

Desh - Ethan Sperry

District 4 Additional Repertoire:

Sicut Cervus - Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina; edited by Robert A. Boyd Click here to download and print this free edition

Desh - Ethan Sperry (Earthsongs S-252)
Bright Morning Stars - Shawn Kirchner (Santa Barbara Music Publishing - SBMP594)
When Dreams Take Flight - Rollo Dillworth (Hal Leonard - 00254541)
This Old Hammer - Neil Ginsberg (TBB) (Shawnee Press - 35028706)
Lineage - Andrea Ramsey (SSA) (Boosy & Hawkes - 48023346)



Audition Requirements:

Senior Choral Audition Procedures

Special Rules -

a. Students may only audition for 1 concert group, and 1 jazz group. (Students  may

NOT audition for BOTH Sr. Chorus and Sr. Band, or BOTH Sr. Chorus

and Sr. Orchestra)


b. Students may use ANY visual aid they wish for the tonal skills portion of

their audition.


For further details, please visit the ILMEA Senior Choral Audition Procedures, or e-mail Tony.

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