Vocal Jazz Singers

Senior Jazz Bands

Karli McCann  - Senior Jazz Band Representative
Pekin High School




Senior Jazz Audition information 


*A Question of Hope

Antonio J. Garcia

Kendor Music Publications #43362


Jazz auditions will consist of:

            *All-State Required piece - see above


            *Improvisation (Aebersold: F Blues)

To be eligible for All-State, students must do all the above.


1. Auditions at the district level are separate. There are no group auditions. At the All-State level, students selected to the rhythm section will audition as a group, not individually and will need to be at the entire audition. There are no changes in the wind audition process.


2. Students selected for All-State Jazz that are interested in trying out for the honors combo will be required to solo over B flat rhythm changes. THIS IS AN OPTIONAL PART OF THE AUDITION and will be at the discretion of the auditioner and performer.


3. Trumpet players will audition on 1st part. 


4. Vibe players will audition on the guitar part (chording and single lines).


WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE those students just beginning in jazz or those who cannot yet improvise to audition for Jazz Band III for the experience. (Trumpets and trombones may do this on a lower part as well).



Senior Jazz (Winds/Brass)

Part Accuracy prepared – 10

Technique prepared – 10

Rhythm prepared – 10

Interpretation prepared – 10

Sight Reading – 10

Stylistic Accuracy – 10

Improv – 20

Tone Quality – 10

Intonation – 10


Senior Jazz (Rhythm)

Part Accuracy – 10

Technique – 10

Rhythm – 10

Interp – 10

Sight Reading – 10

Stylistic – 10

Improv – 20

Stability – 20



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