Vocal Jazz Singers

Junior Chorus


Required Selection
Major Scale
Major Triad

Scale & Triad starting pitches

Soprano:      F
Alto:              D
Baritone:      D or F

All Junior Chorus music is now 3 Part Mixed / SAB
Junior Chorus is for grades 6 - 8
Students in grades 6 - 8 who are members of their school chorus are eligible to audition.

Students will need to learn their assigned voice part for the entire Festival program.  No part changes will be allowed the day of the auditions.  One week prior to auditions, directors will receive an email through the RNS system announcing the specific audition song.

Junior chorus students will receive the starting pitch for the scale and triad (the starting pitch, not a chord with tonality). If you use solfege, then the given note would be "do", since they have to sing a major triad and a major scale.

For the required selection, students are given the starting pitch and the tonality. The student will sing the passage a cappella. There has never been accompaniment with the junior chorus audition.


FESTIVAL REPERTOIRE                                                       






Chorus Division Rep                                      
Jessica White

Junior Chorus Chair
Jene Simmons                                                

District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9