Vocal Jazz Singers

Junior Orchestra


Auditions: Monday, October 9 (Columbus Day)- Highland Middle and High Schools for Jr. and Sr. Orchestras. $8.00 Audition Fee.

Festival: Saturday, November 18- Southern Illinois University Carbondale. $20.00 Festival Fee.


When Available: Register your school with the ILMEA state office: www.ilmea.org scroll down and select 2017-18 Participating School Form. Fill out and submit the annual registration fee per school.

ILMEA is open to all public, private and home school students in grades 6-12.

Students must sign up for auditions through a school.

If selected to participate in the ILMEA District 6 Festival, students are to attend all rehearsals and the concert.

If a student is auditioning for more than one ensemble, he/she will be placed in the ensemble that they had the best audition.



Conductor: Sheri Cain, Northgate Middle School

Festival Music

Bradenburg #3, J.S. Bach arr. Isaac
Korean Folk Song Variants, Traditional arr. Del Borgo
Winter Solstice, Todd Parrish
The Great Gate of Kiev, Moussorgsky arr. Phillippe



Audition Information

Auditions begin at 9:00 a.m. All Jr. and Sr. Orchestra students must arrive no later than 9:30 for auditions.  

No one is allowed in the audition room other than the judge and student.

No form of audio or video taping is allowed in the audition room.

The new "blind" audition procedure will be implemented.

For auditions, students should prepare top part of divisi sections.



Junior and Senior Orchestra Violin Information

Directors will nominate Violins for auditions, not Violin I or Violin II.


After auditions, students will be placed into either 1st or 2nd violin. Music will be sent to the directors after auditions

Contact Victoria Voumard for the violin audition music victoriavoumard@gmail.com


Junior orchestra auditions

Quarter Note= 100. No slurs; detache’ bowing.

Violin: 3 8va G major.
           2 8va B-flat, C, D, and A major
           2 8va g melodic minor

Viola/Cello: 3 8va C major
                    2 8va F, G, D and A major
                    2 8va c melodic minor

Bass: 2 8va G major
         1 8va F, C, D and A major
         1 8va g melodic minor


The Junior Orchestra will audition on 3 excerpts. Two weeks before IMEA auditions, the Junior Orchestra chair will select the following Jr. Orchestra audition materials:


ILMEA District 6 Festival Info

Please remind students to bring a music stand to the ILMEA District Festival.

Stands are NOT provided at the district festival.

Cellists and Bassist must bring their own rockstops.


*Concert Dress*

Girls: black skirts (dress pants for cellists and bassists) and white dress blouse, nylons or dress socks, black dress shoes.

Boys: black dress pants, white button down dress shirt, tie, black socks, black dress shoes.


Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 (1.1 MB) Great Gate of Kiev (2.7 MB) Korean Folk Song (2.0 MB) Winer Solstice (821.7 KB)




Junior Orchestra: Sally Pierce


IMEA District 6 Orchestra Rep: Victoria Voumard


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