Vocal Jazz Singers

How To


Go to www.ilalldist.org

Select ‘District 6’

Select your school.  For those who teach at multiple schools, this must be done for each one.

Select your name

Enter your password and click  ‘Enter’

Choose   ‘Update Profile’

Check all boxes pertaining to your teaching assignment.  This insures that you receive information specific to each teaching specialty.

Please update all phone numbers and e-mail information 

The ‘secondary e-mail’ allows you to enter a secondary/home address.  Some school filters don’t allow ILMEA’s communications to pass through.  This additional e-mail will insure you receive all necessary information.  Your email address will not be shared.

If you are the primary contact, delete retired teachers

Click  ‘Update Profile’

Click  ‘Exit’


Go to www.ilalldist.org.

Select ‘District 6’

Select your school

Click on ‘Add New Director’

Enter the requested information.  You will need your school’s faculty password to complete this process.
Your school’s primary contact should have this information.
If not, feel free to contact me at district6@ilmea.org

Click ‘Enter’


This can only be completed by the primary contact

Go to www.ilalldist.org

Select ‘District 6’, the select your school


Click ‘Update’

Near the bottom of the screen, choose the director you want to delete

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