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Announcing the 2nd Annual Electronic Music Workshop - Now available for District 1, 7, and 9 High School Students! 

If you are a District 1, 7, or 9 high school student working on composing in Electronic Music, you are invited to apply to attend this half-day workshop led by Mr. Adam Schlipmann from Lake Forest Academy.

This event will give student composers the opportunity to workshop their compositions with Mr. Heath and the other participants. In addition, students will leave with greater experience and knowledge in the following areas:

“When and where is the EM workshop?”

The EM workshop will be held at Glenbrook South High School at the same time as the District 7 festival – Saturday, November 7, 2015. The Workshop will begin at 8am and conclude at 12:00pm.

At the conclusion of the workshop, students may leave the festival if those arrangements have been made with their director. Or, students may purchase lunch along with the other participating students and are then welcome to observe rehearsals and attend the festival concert.

“How do I apply?”

One of the directors at your school must nominate you – the “Electronic Music Pilot” is found under the “9/10 Chorus” voice parts for your home district (1, 7, and 9).

Once you have been nominated, you and your director will receive a follow-up e-mail from the JSGM Vice President with further details from Mr. Schlipmann. Participating students will need to send an informational e-mail to jsgm@ilmea.org to complete the nomination process.


“What is the cost?”

There is no cost for nomination; Students selected to participate will be included on the school billing sheet at the same fee as participating band/orchestra/choir students - $20.00.

"What does my high school music teacher/director need to do?" 

After you've been nominated, your registration will show up on the school billing sheet to take care of cost. You should talk with your teacher/director about plans for transportation and chaperoning. There does need to be an adult on-site with you during the workshop. This could be your high school director, another member of your high school music department, or a parent.

"What do I need to bring?”

Students should bring their own laptop or a borrowed laptop equipped with their preferred EM software (Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, GarageBand, etc...).

If a laptop is not available, school computers may be available to use as much as possible. Please come with your work saved on a flash drive, on a CD, or in the cloud.


Questions? Contact Lori Evenhouse (Vice President, Junior/Senior General Music) at jsgm@ilmea.org.

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