Vocal Jazz Singers

Junior Jazz Band

Junior Jazz Representatives:


Rick LoPresto  

Richard Bernotas MS



Bryan Itzkowitz

Holmes Middle School




Audition Date:           September  24, 2016

Audition Site:            Northbrook Junior High School

                                  1475 Maple Avenue

                                  Northbrook, IL

Audition fee:              $8.00 per student


Number of students who may audition: no limit


On-Line (RNS) Entry Deadline: Friday September 16, 2015 @ 11:59pm



Participate in ILMEA: go to http://ilmea.org/participate/

Participation Fee-  $20 per student



Festival Date: Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016

Festival LocationLake Zurich High School    

                              300 Church Street

                              Lake Zurich, IL

Jazz I Conductor: Mark Bettcher

Jazz II Conductor: Mike Malek

Audition Requirements - Please see below.




Audition Material

Alto Saxophone (1.5 MB)

Tenor Saxophone (1.4 MB)

Bari Saxophone (1.4 MB)

Trumpet (1.2 MB)

Trombone (1.3 MB)  

Piano (2.5 MB)

Guitar (1.5 MB)

Bass Guitar (1.4 MB)

Drums (1.1 MB)

Vibes (2.0 MB)

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