Vocal Jazz Singers

Junior Jazz Band

Junior Jazz Representatives:


ILMEA District 7 Junior Jazz Band Representatives

Bryan Itzkowitz (Term ends 2018)

Holmes Middle School, Wheeling




ILMEA Jazz Division President

Craig Roselieb

Downers Grove South High School



Audition Date:                    Saturday, September 22, 2018

Audition Time:                   8:00am-3:00pm

Audition Location:             Round Lake High School, 800 N High School Drive, Round Lake Illinois, 60073

Audition Fee:                     $8

RNS Entry Deadline:          Thursday, September 13, 2018 by 11:59PM

Festival Date:                    November 17, 2018

Festival Lovation:             Waukegan High School, 2325 Brookside Avenue, Waukegan, IL 60085


Festival Conductors:         Roosevelt Griffin, Harvey Middle School

                                          George Andrikokus, Hinsdale Middle School


Band 1 Literature:

Manteca - Gillespie / arr. Steve Owen

Bringin’ Down the House - Larry Neeck

Perfect Storm - Larry Barton


Jazz Band 2 Literature:

Watermelon Man - Hancock / arr. Mike Kamuf

Fat Cat - Doug Beach

Orinoco Cocoa - Vince Gassi *  Songs found in the Audition packet

Participation Fee:$20 Per Student


Audition Material

Jamie Aebersold book and CD #54, Tootsie, F Blues (2 choruses).  - Brass and reeds should play the head then 2 solo choruses

-Drummers should play time through the head then alternate 4 measures of time with 4 measures of solo for two choruses

-Guitar, Bass, and Vibes and Piano will play Tootsie head melody (1st Time) , comp (2nd Time), and improvised solo (3rd Time)

 From the book Easy Jazz Conception by Jim Snidero: Shufflin in F, SSelected excerpts from the pieces marked with an * above:

Students should expect to play any included solos

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