Vocal Jazz Singers

Junior Jazz Band

Junior Jazz Representatives:


ILMEA District 7 Junior Jazz Band Representatives

Bryan Itzkowitz (Term ends 2018)

Holmes Middle School, Wheeling




ILMEA Jazz Division President

Craig Roselieb

Downers Grove South High School




Audition Date:           September  23, 2017

Audition Site:            Round Lake High School

Audition fee:              $8.00 per student


Number of students who may audition: no limit


On-Line (RNS) Entry Deadline: Thursday, September 4, 2017 @ 11:59pm



Participate in ILMEA: go to http://ilmea.org/participate/

Participation Fee-  $20 per student



Festival Date: Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017

Festival Location: Woodstockl High School

Jazz I Conductor: Glenn Williams, Downers South High School

Jazz II Conductor: Richard LoPresto, Bernotas Middle School


Yardbird Suite, Charlie Parker arranged by Michael Sweeney, Hal Leonard

Moanin’, Mark Taylor Hal Leonard

Salta, Scott Stanton, Barnhouse

Backatown,Troy Andrews, John Wasson, Hal Leonard

Struttin’ with Some Barbeque, Lawson

Sidewinder, Horace Silver, Arranged by Paul Murtha, Hal Leonard


Audition Requirements - Please see below.




Audition Material

Jamie Aebersold book and CD #54, Tootsie, F Blues (2 choruses).  - Brass and reeds should play the head then 2 solo choruses

-Drummers should play time through the head then alternate 4 measures of time with 4 measures of solo for two choruses

-Guitar, Bass, and Vibes and Piano will play Tootsie head melody (1st Time) , comp (2nd Time), and improvised solo (3rd Time)

 From the book Easy Jazz Conception by Jim Snidero: Shufflin in F, SSelected excerpts from the pieces marked with an * above:

Students should expect to play any included solos

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