Vocal Jazz Singers

Senior Chorus

Student RNS entry Deadline:  Friday, September 22, 2017 @ 11:59 pm



Audition Fee:  The Audition Fee is $10 per student

Audition Date and Site:  Monday, October 2, 2017

                                         Crystal Lake South High School


Senior Choral Audition Procedures are located here

Participation fee: $20 will be billed for every student selected for inclusion in the District 7 Senior Chorus


 Procedural Changes to Sight Reading (Fall 2017)

There will only be one four measure example.  Four points in each measure, 2 for rhythm and 2 for notes.  Partial Credit may be given.

Examples may be in major or minor but will only come from the following keys:  B flat Major, F Major, C Major, G Major or D Major and the five relative minor keys of those five keys.

A starting pitch will be given (not tonality).  the student will have 20 seconds to study silently or they may auditate if they would like.  After the 20 seconds is over, a second starting pitch will be given and they will begin.  The judge will only judge what they hear after the study period and the second pitch.



 January 2018 State Required Selections

Earth Song - Ticheli - Hinshaw Publishing - HPC7098

Regina Coeli - Mozart - Bob Boyd edition HERE (266.8 KB)

 District VII Selections

Tu Voz, Shawn L. Kirchner, Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc, SATB

Alleluia, Dominic DiOrio, G. Schirmer, Inc,  SSAATTBB w/Marimba

Goodbye, Then, Timothy Takach, 


District 7 Senior Festival Date and Location:

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Glenbrook North High School

District 7 Conductor:  Dr. Eric Johnson, Northern Illinois University


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