Vocal Jazz Singers

Elementary Level - EGM (formerly JEM)

District 8 is proud to host a large Elementary Festival every year. 

- EGM (formerly JEM)  is open to 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Students

- District 8 will accept 4th grade students for Recorder Ensemble or Orff Ensemble only.  Recorder Ensemble is intended for students with little to NO experience on recorder. Students will need to bring their own instrument.

- Recorder Ensemble is open only to 4th grade students. 

- Ukelele Ensemble is open only to 6th grade students. 25 instruments are available. If you have your own ukelele, please email d8egm @ilmea.org and let us know that you will bring your own uke.

- Ensembles: Creative Movement, World Drumming, Orff Ensemble, Children's Choir, Recorder Ensemble, Ukelele Ensemble

- All students nominated by their teachers are accepted into one of the above performing groups.  There are no auditions or audition fees for EGM.  

- The student participation fee is $10/student. 

- To get started, follow the directions under "How to Participate" linked on the left. The first step is getting registered on the RNS and completing the Participation Form ($35 Fee).

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