Vocal Jazz Singers

Jazz Auditions

District 8 Jazz Division

Jazz Band Chair - Scott Mertens, Sycamore Middle School, 815.899.8170

Jazz Division Representative/VJE  - Andrew Evangelista - Rochelle Township High School - 815.562.4161

Junior Jazz Band   - open to students in grades 6-8.


 Junior Jazz Band Audition Materials (three parts)  Cycle 2 for 2017

  1. Audition Etude - CYCLE 2 - District 8 Junior Jazz Band Etudes Cycle - Downloadable version of the   here or they are also located on the Hononegah High School Instrumental Music Website: https://hononegah.haikulearning.com/jkramp/ilmeaauditions/cms_page/view
  2. Improvisation:
    • Cycle 1 & 2: F Blues - Use the F Blues track on Jamey Aebersold Volume 54 (Maiden Voyage, track 10) with the chord changes provided on the Cycle 1 Junior Jazz Etude. Note: Guitarists will be asked to play four chords per measure in a "Freddie Green" style to the F Blues Abersold track. Drummers should be able to demonstrate swing, samba or bossa, and rock styles.
    • Cycle 3: BbBlues - Use the BbBlues track on Jamey Aebersold Volume 1 with the chord changes provided on the Cycle 3 Junior Jazz Etude.  Note: Guitarists will be asked to play four chords per measure in a "Freddie Green" Style to the BbBlues Aebersold track.  Drummers should demonstrate swing, samba, bossa, and/or rock styles.
  3. Prepared Piece: Cycle 2- All auditions must be performed from the 1st part for the appropriate instrument.


(2019 – 2022 – 2025)


(2017 - 2020 - 2023)


(2018 – 2021 - 2024)

Now's The Time

Hal Leonard
     Charlie Parker/arr. Rick Stitzel           

In Walked Bud

     Thelonius Monk/arr. Craig Von Berg     

Blues in Hoss Flat

Hal Leonard
     Frank Foster/arr. Mark Taylor    



Senior Jazz Division - open to students in grades 9-12.


Vocal Jazz Ensemble Audition Materials: (four parts)

District 8 has no district specific requirements for vocal jazz auditions.  Please refer to the jazz division page for a complete listing of procedures and requirements.  You may also find rehearsal tracks, recordings, and other materials on that page under the Vocal Jazz section.  The basic outline of materials is as follows:

    1. Prepared Pieces 2017:
      • Devil May Care - Kerry Marsh
      • The Nearness Of You - Kirby Shaw (HL08754378)
    2. Improvisation
    3. Sight Reading
    4. Scales
      • Half-step ascending and descending chromatic scale
      • Ascending and descending blues scale
Note from Mr. Jones concerning the prepared piece Devil May Care:
"Devil May care is a GREAT GREAT piece!  It truly is representative of the jazz idiom.  Now I will tell you that this chart is NOT the easiest piece BUT…you’re kids can do it.  Slow and steady wins the race.  This piece is available online at https://kerrymarsh.com/.  You will notice right on the front page the line that says Illinois Music Educators looking for Devil May Care sheet music for 2018 all-state auditions? Click here!  Or here is the direct link:  https://www.kerrymarsh.com/collections/frontpage/products/devil-may-care-ssatb-printed-vocal-part-only


Be sure to select “Octavo Version” on the dropdown box.  He is offering this to all of us in Illinois for $5 plus shipping.  Kerry loves coming and working in Illinois and is doing this just for us!!  You will see that he also has part (rehearsal) tracks for purchase at $12.50 and minus tracks also for $12.50.  You will thank yourself and your students will thank you for getting these for sure!  To be clear…YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THE ENTIRE $75 PACK FOR YOUR KIDS TO AUDITION!!!"


Senior Jazz Band Audition Materials: (four parts)


        1. Sight Reading - All rhythm section instruments; During the sight reading, you may be asked to play from both written notes and chord changes.
        2. Prepared Piece:  A Question of Hope by Antonio J. Garcia, published by Kendor. All auditions should be performed from the 1st part for the appropriate instrument.
        3. Improvisation on F Blues using "Billie's Bounce" (Use Jamey Aebersold Vol. 6 CD track #1). Improviser should be prepared to play 2-3 choruses. All-State is now requiring the use of Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc., Vol 6, Track 1, Now's The Time/Billie's Bounce, therefore we are going to use the same. 
          • Every student will play two (or more) improvised choruses.
          • Use only the Aebersold play-along for the improvisation audition.
          • Because the opening choruses of Vol. 6, Track 1 are in a "2" feel, to accommodate playing the head, (which should not be played for the audition) ILMEA will provide an audition track with two choruses in "4" feel to provide a more rhythmically suitable audition track. For the audition, there will be a cut/spliced one that includes the "count-off' and then it will jump right into the "4" feel. You can find this on Hononegah's Instrumental Music website https://hononegah.haikulearning.com/jkramp/ilmeaauditions/cms_page/view  OR  http://www.ilmea.org/divisions/jazz
          • Rhythm section players will also be asked to do the following: 
          • Drums: Demonstration improvisational ability by playing a medium fast swing          drum solo in 12 bar blues format.  The student should play four measures of              swing flowwed by four measures of solo, going through at least two choruses.          Also, drummers should demonstrate the following styles: Swing (fast and                  slow), Latin (samba and bossa), brushes (medium swing and ballads), and                Funk.
          • Guitar and Vibes: Students are to comp in both swing and rock style.  For                swing style, students may use the solo section from the All-State requred                  piece. Vibraphone players should prepare the vibraphone part as much as              possible. If there is no vibraphone part available, please use the chords in the          guitar or piano part(s).
          • Piano and Bass: For the improvisation, these students should play self-                      accompanied solos using blues changes in Bb and F Blues without recorded              accompaniment.  Bass players will play alone.  Pianists will accompany                      themselves.
        1. Required Etudes - 2017 Cycle 2  District 8 Senior Jazz Etudes from "Stylistic Etudes in the Jazz Idiom" (Hal Leonard, 2nd Edition).


Swing Etude #1

(2019 - 2022 - 2025)


Swing Etude #2

(2017 - 2020 - 2023)


Swing Etude #3

(2018 - 2021 - 2024)


 m. 1-16

 m. 1-16

 m. 1-24


 m. 1-D.C. (2nd ending)

 m. 1-16

 m. 1-24


 m. 1-16 (lower notes)

 m. 9-25

 m. 1-16

Bass Trombone

 m. 17-32

 m. 17-39

 m. 17-32


 m. 1-18

 m. 5-end (no repeat)

 m. 1-33(no brushes, m. 12)


 m. 1-16

 m. 1-20

 m. 13-30


 m. 25-end

 m. 25-end

 m. 1-12


 m. 1-23 (2nd ending)

 m. 1-10 and coda

 m. 1-11 and coda


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