Vocal Jazz Singers

Junior Choir Auditions

Before you begin teaching your students the music, please take time to check the grade requirements for each choir.  (i.e. 7th grade girls CANNOT audition for Jr. Mix.)

Junior Choir - contact Scott Mattison for repertoire list.

Junior Treble Chorus - open to GIRLS in grades 7, 8, and 9

Junior Mixed Chorus - open to students in grades 8 and 9 and BOYS in grade 7

District 8 Choir Division Representative - Scott Mattison, Milledgeville High School  
Junior Mixed Choir Chair - Lana Crandall, Stockton Junior High - 815.947.3702
Junior Treble Choir Chair - Mardi Huffstutler, Woodlawn Arts Academy - 815.440.0932


Junior Chorus auditions consist of two selections chosen from the five prepared pieces posted on the morning of the auditions (56 points), Vocal Skills (16 points), and Vocal Tone Quality (28 points)


Prepared Music Rubric Scoring – 56 points possible - Prepared Pieces are available from Scott Mattison.

Selection 1


Selection 2

7 Points Possible


7 Points Possible

7 Points Possible

Rhythmic Accuracy

7 Points Possible

7 Points Possible

Note Accuracy

7 Points Possible

7 Points Possible


7 Points Possible



7 Points

Performance with minor error(s), outstanding preparation, excellent musicianship demonstrated. Clean and accurate, with attention to musical detail.

6 Points

Solid Performance, some details overlooked, few errors.

5 Points

Lacking some musical definition; good preparation, but not as defined musically as it could be; more frequency of errors.

3-4 Points

Average performance, lacking musical definition.

2 Points

Many errors, little attention to details.

1 Point

Poor performance demonstrating little attention to detail and probably lack of preparation by student.



Vocal Tone Quality Rubric - 28 Points - Please remember this is in relationship to the vocal development of the voice for this age group. 

25-28 Points

OUTSTANDING: Well developed tone, clear, controlled – for age and vocal development, well-supported tone throughout vocal range.

20-24 Points

EXCELLENT: Pleasant and clear tone, lacking some refinement of control; still supported through most of the range, occasionally less control at extremes of range.

15-19 Points

GOOD: Average vocal production, lacking focus of tone, clarity or support.

9-14 Points

BELOW AVERAGE: Airy, harsh, or unpleasant tone which may be unsupported, lacking control of range.


POOR: Under-developed voice


Junior Choir Vocal Skills  

1. Sing a major scale up and down in own range. (8 points)

2. Sing a diatonic sigh-reading exercise containing quarter notes, half notes, and eighth notes. (8 points)


Junior Treble Repertoire 2017

Rise Up Singing! - (SSA) - Leibergen - Alfred (3252640)

Shady Grove (SSA) - Robert I. Hugh - Hal Leonard (10441912)

The Rising (SSA) - Andrea Ramsey - Music Spoke

Shine on Me (SSA) - Dilworth - Hal Leonard (3295343)

Cantate Domino (SSA) - Ayres - Santa Barabara MP (3300734)


Junior Mixed Repertoire 2017

A Festive Alleluia (SAB) - Lightfoot - Heritage Music Press

Alleluia (SAB) - Mozart (Robinson) - Alfred (SV9733)

Glad We Be This Day (SAB) - Wolf - Heritage Music Press

Prayer of the Children (SAB) - Bestor/Arr. Hayes - Alfred (10515355)

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel (SAB) - Emerson - Santa Barbara MP (3300734)

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