Vocal Jazz Singers

Junior Orchestra Auditions

Junior Orchestra - open to students in grades 6, 7, 8, and 9

District 8 Orchestra Division Representative - Sheila Felder, DeKalb H.S. - 815-754-2120


2017 - Orchestra is in District 8 - Enter nominations under District 2 in the RNS.  You must adhere to all deadlines established by District 2 (SEPT. 15) . Please read through their information online! Thank you.


2017 Orchestra Audition Materials: (Two Parts)

1. Prepared Piece:       Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 - Bach/Isaac - Violin excerpts are available through Sheila Felder

Set 1 - 2017

Set 2 - 2018

Set 3 - 2019

Set 4 - 2020

Concerto Grosso in dm - Vivaldi/Isaac

Variations on a Well-Known Sea Chantey - Stephan

 Allegro from Concerto Grosso, Op. 6, No. 1 - Handel/Dackow

 Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 - Bach/Isaac


2. Scales:  (No scale tempo requirement)

     Violins: G, Bb, C, D Major --2 octaves and F Major -- 1 octave

     Viola/Cello: C, D, F, G Major -- 2 octaves and Bb Major --1 octave 

     Double Bass: F Major --2 Octaves and G, Bb, C, D Major -- 1 octave

Set 1 - 2017

Set 2 - 2018

Set 3 - 2019

Set 4 - 2020

Universal Method for Harp (Boscha-Oberthuer), Carl Fischer

#10 Grazioso

Universal Method for Harp (Boscha-Oberthuer), Carl Fischer

#14, page 101

 Universal Method for Harp (Boscha-Oberthuer), Carl Fischer

#2 Moderato

 Universal Method for Harp (Boscha-Oberthuer), Carl Fischer

#3 Andante




All Junior Violins will audition on the same excerpts from the required piece.  There are no separate Violin I and Violin II auditions. 

Audition excerpts are available as a PDF or by snail mail via Sheila Felder. Official ILMEA Bowed parts are also available if needed.  

All nominations will be done online through the RNS. (www.ilalldist.org)


District 2 & 8 Schools: Please note that you need to follow this procedure if your school is not listed under District 2:

A. Log in to www.ilalldist.org

B. Select District 2

C. Scroll to the end of the school listings and select "SCHOOL NOT FOUND"

D. Enter School Information. Please enter school name EXACTLY as it is listed under District 8.

E. District 2 President will automatically receive an email notification of a new school request.  After it is approved, the state office will be able to activate the listing if the school participation fee is paid.  PLEASE SELECT DISTRICT 2/8 or write the state office an email saying that you would like your school to be activated in both districts so that you can enter your string students in a timely manner.

Four steps to the Junior Violin Audition

  1. Excerpt Sheets
    • This will include all of the important excerpts that combine sections from BOTH the Violin I and Violin II parts.  Up to 4 excerpts will be chosen for the audition.
  2. Adjudication
    • Students will be assigned an audition time. Students will play their scales and excerpts for a judge.  Depending on the number of students auditioning on each instrument, they may play both parts of the audition for one judge, or the students may have one judge listening to the scales and one listening to the excerpts.
    • Scales Score + Excerpts Score = Total Score
    • Judges enter scores live into the RNS and keep tally sheets. Final scores are verified at the end of the day.
  3. Placement into 1st & 2nd Seating
    • 1-8 (1st violin), 9-16 (2nd violin), 17-36 alternating by stand and section
    • Single School Representatives will be added to the end of the section after all the available seats have been filled within the ensemble.
    • Audition standards and scoring are aligned with the state standard for scoring.
  4. Music is labeled and mailed out to each school. Students prepare their parts. All students should learn solos, as chair placements are not revealed until the festival day and conductors may want to audition the solos.
Junior Strings Audition Rubric - 60 points

Prepared Tone - 10 points

Prepared Intonation - 10 points

Prepared Technique - 10 points

Prepared Rhythm - 10 points

Prepared Musicianship - 10 points

Scale Skills - 10 points

District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9