Vocal Jazz Singers

Senior Band Auditions

Senior Band - open to students in grades 9-12

District 8 Band Division Representative - Annette Hackbarth, Dakota Jr/Sr High School - 815.499.2812 x165

Senior Band Chairperson - Matt Eaton - Freeport School District - 815.232.0400


Go to www.ilmea.org/divisions/band.  This page has links for all the information needed below under the BAND area.  Due to copyright law, the members of the ILMEA leadership team are unable to provide you with copies of the etudes. Please visit your local music store to purchase the etude books. They are great resources for each instrument and you will find a lot of excellent material to practice. 

2017 Senior Band Audition Materials (three parts)

  1. Senior Etudes - CYCLE 2 -  http://ilmea.org/divisions/band/require_etudes/
  2. Senior Scale Sheet - 3 minute limit, ALL notes tongued.  
  3.  Sight Reading

* Please note that the use of electronic devices (tuners, metronomes, cell phones, audio/video recording devices, etc.) is prohibited during the ILMEA festival audition.  Violaters will be disqualified.


Sr. Band Audition Rubric - 70 points

Etude Tone - 10 points

Etude Intonation - 10 points

Etude Technique - 10 points

Etude Rhythm - 10 points

Etude Musicianship - 10 points

Scale Skills - 10 points

Sight Reading Skills - 10 points 

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