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Senior Choir Auditions



Senior Choir - open to students in grades 10-12

District 8 Choir Division Representative - Scott Mattison, Milledgeville High School
Senior Choir Chair - Phillip Vermillion - Belvidere North High School - 815.547.3839

Chorus Audition Guidelines and rubric http://ilmea.org/divisions/chorus/senior-level-audition-procedures/

Senior Chorus Audition Materials (three parts)

1. Prepared Selections: Students prepare all selections listed below.  The chosen audition excerpts are posted on the day of auditions.

A. A passage from one of the required pieces will be selected by the Chorus Division Vice President.

B. A passage from one of the District Pieces, or a required piece, will be chosen by the District Chorus Representative.

2. Tonal Skills - see http://ilmea.org/divisions/chorus/senior-tonal-skills-study-guide/

3. Sight Reading  - see http://ilmea.org/divisions/chorus/senior-level-audition-procedures/


2017 Senior Choir Selections

Earth Song - SATB - Tichelli - Hinsaw Publishing - HPC7098

Regina Coeli - SATB - Mozart - Bob Boyd Edition


Consecrate the Place and Day - SATB - Pfautsch - Alfred (1367739)

Lo Ye Canto Todo el Dia - SATB - Brunner - Boosey and Hawkes

The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet to Fly - TTBB - Shank - Santa Barbara Music Publishing

Wanting Memories - SSAA (SATBB) - Barnwell - Barnwell's Note Publishing
     (Conductor will send notes on converting to SSAA through Mr. Mattison and the RNS System)
-Melody/Top Line: S2
-Sop/2nd Line: S1
-All Altos: please learn three lower parts (everyone will sing at least two of the three, and you have probably noticed the Bass part is a one measure ostinato!)
-Alto/3rd Line: A1 m-48; beat 4 of m58, switch to Bass/5th Line to End
-Ten/4th Line: Small group of altos (mostly percussive in nature- don't need a lot of tone, but needs to cut through rhythmically
-Bass/5th Line: A2 m1-58, switch to Alto/3rd Line to the End


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