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EGM (formerly JEM) Festival

2016 EGM Festival Information



The 2016 EGM Festival will be held at Harlem Middle School, 735 Windsor Rd., Loves Park, IL 61111


- Open to 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Students

- Ensembles: Folk Dance (5th-6th), African Drumming (5th-6th), Orff Ensemble (4th-5th), Children's Choir (5th-6th), Recorder Ensemble (4th only), Ukulele Ensemble (6th only)

- All students who are nominated are accepted into one performing group.  There are no auditions or audition fees for EGM.  

- All schools must fill out a participating school form (1005.8 KB) , and there is no participating school or audition fee.  In order to nominate students, this form must be sent to the State Office. Once your form is processed, you will be able to login to the RNS to nominate students from your school.

- To get started, follow the directions under "How to Participate" linked on the left.

- After your students are nominted in the RNS, print out a billing sheet, obtain the appropriate signatures and mail in your form.  THEN, e-mail Ariana Cook with each student's first and second choice ensembles.  Make sure to include your school name in the e-mail.

- Students will be assigned to an ensemble in the second or third weekend of October. Results will be published by the District President. See "Festival Information" (linked on the left) for billing sheet instructions. The student participation fee is $10 per student. (Due November 1)

- Before the festival, please fill out the Student Emergency Contact Form (29.4 KB)  form. Print out a copy and bring it with you to the festival. Each school must check in at the registration desk and provide the name(s) of the adults responsible for the children from that school along with a cell phone number. 


Ariana Cook, ILMEA District 8 EGM Division Representative
Dear Directors, 
Thank you for nominating students for this year's twenty-ninth annual ILMEA District 8 EGM Festival. I think that this year's festival will provide a fantastic musical experience to the many students attending.
This year's festival will be held at Harlem Middle School (735 Windsor, Loves Park, IL 61111) on Saturday, November 5, 2016. The concert will be presented in the Gymnasium at 2:00 PM. When the buses arrive, they can drop the students off at the east parking lot, but should park in the west parking lot. The performance will be in the South Gym.

After the students enter the building, you will need to sign your students in. At the registration desk, each school will need to sign in and provide the cell phone number of the adult that will be responsible for all students from that school.  The responsible adult must have a hard copy of the Student Emergency Contact Form (29.4 KB)  with them.  Please remember to have name tags for your students to help the clinicians. Students should report to the cafeteria to leave their jackets and lunches. Students may then be directed to their rooms.
J.W. Pepper is sponsoring this year's choral reading session for all of the directors.
Please remember to have each of your students bring a sack lunch, although there will be a concession stand and a small boutique available. We will also have a directors' lunch with the clinicians. If you are interested in purchasing a box lunch, please contact Ariana Cook by October 30. The cost of the lunch is $9.00. Please bring your money to the festival. You have the option of ham, turkey, roast beef, or veggie. Email Ariana Cook with your preference.
Festival Schedule
8:30-9:00 Arrival and check-in
9:00- 10:00 Rehearsal: African Drumming – Band Room
      Rehearsal: Children’s Choir – South Gym
      Rehearsal: Folk Dance – North Gym
      Rehearsal: Orff Ensemble – Art Room
      Rehearsal: 4th grade recorder – Choir Room
      Rehearsal: 6th grade ukulele - Health Room
9:15-9:45 EGM Division Meeting –   AGENDA (13.8 KB)  - Please email d8egm@ilmea.org to add an item to the agenda.
10:00- 10:15 Break for Children’s Choir, Folk Dance, and Orff Ensemble
10:15-10:30 Break for African Drumming, Ukulele, and Recorder
10:15-11:30 Rehearsal: Children’s Choir, Folk Dance, and Orff Ensemble
10:45-11:45 Director’s Reading Session- Sponsored by JW Pepper, Science Room
10:30-12:15 Rehearsal: African Drumming, Ukulele and Recorder
11:30-12:15 Lunch- Children’s Choir, Orff and Folk Dance
12:15- 1:00 Lunch- African Drumming, Ukulele, and Recorder
12:15-1:45 Rehearsal: Children's Choir, Folk Dance, and Orff Ensemble
1:00 - 1:45 Rehearsal: African Drumming, Ukulele, and Recorder
1:45 All Groups move to the South Gym for the concert
2:00 Concert- Harlem Middle School South Gym  Admission: $3,  Sr. Citizens and Children under 12 - Free.



The students should come in concert clothing. There will not be time to change in between the rehearsals and the concert. No jeans or sweats please. Folk dance students should wear very comfortable shoes for moving.

It is required to have 1 chaperone for every 6 students from each school. Chaperones are expected to monitor and correct inappropriate student behavior in the rehearsal rooms and during breaks. All chaperones should eat lunch with the students in the cafeteria.

Chaperones should bring books and games to keep children occupied during the break, especially if the weather is uncooperative. Please do not bring iPods or electronic games.

All students must bring their own lunch and snack. There will be NO hot lunch provided. All food is expected to be eaten in the cafeteria. There will be a concession stand available.

Please share this information as needed with parents of your participating students and chaperones. 

All directors are invited to meet the guest clinicians and eat their lunch in the hospitality room with the other directors.

Please contact me if you are in need of recorders for your 4th grade recorder students. If you have Orff instruments, ukeleles, or African drums, please send me a list of what your school could bring. We would like to try not to burden any one school with bringing too many items.

Billing and Participating Student Fees

To get your confirmation of the students that were accepted and what group they are in please log the RNS where you nominated your students (www.ilalldist.org), select "Summary Billing Sheet" and print. Send your printed bill with payment to the ILMEA State Office by November 1st. 

Make a copy of your billing sheet for your records.

If you have any questions, please contact...

Ariana Cook, EGM Co-Representative
815.980.5533 (cell)
District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9