Vocal Jazz Singers

Senior Chorus


District representative: chris cherry



2018-19 Audition & Festival Information

Coming Soon


festival conductors:

senior chorus: ANDREW MEGILL

9 / 10 chorus: Emily Ellsworth


festival repertoire: 

senior chorus: 


All-State PIeces:

Desh - Sperry

Sicut cervus - Palestrina (Music and Rehearsal Tracks)


District PIeces:

I'll Be on My Way - Kirchner (purchasing info coming soon)

Beati quorum via - Stanford (Boosey)

Sing Creation's Music On - Paulus (SSAA)



Rehearsal Notes: 


9 / 10 CHORUS: 




audition changes:

Sight Reading Changes: There will only be one four measure example. Four points in each measure, 2 for rhythm and 2 for notes. Partial Credit may be given.

Examples may be in major or minor but will only come from the following keys: B flat Major, F Major, C Major, G Major or D Major and the five relative minor keys of those five keys.

A starting pitch will be given (not tonality). the student will have 20 seconds to study silently or they may auditate if they would like. After the 20 seconds is over, a second starting pitch will be given and they will begin. The judge will only adjudicate what they hear after the study period and the second pitch.


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