Vocal Jazz Singers

Detailed RNS Instructions

ILMEA District Online School Registration and

Student Nomination Information


Welcome to the ILMEA District Online Registration Information page. If you have any questions, please e-mail your District President for the most timely and area-specific response.

To initiate your school, director and student registration, please complete the following steps:

  1. Register yourself and your school
  2. Submit the Participating School Form and associated fee
  3. Nominate your students for audition/participation


Step 1: Register Yourself and Your School

Primary Contact: This must be done first by the Department Chair or other faculty/staff who will be the primary contact for this school before other teachers can register themselves or their students.
  1. Go to RNS (www.ilalldist.org).
  2. Select your ILMEA District or use the lookup tool to find your ILMEA District.
  3. Select your school from the list (if you can’t find your school, go to the bottom of the list and select “School Not Found”).
  4. Fill in the information requested to register yourself as the primary contact and to register your school for participation. (For additional faculty to be registered in RNS, they will need the faculty password you create.)
  5. Click "Enter" to complete your submission.
All Music Faculty Members: This can only be done after your primary contact person has registered your school online and given you a faculty password.
  1. Go to RNS (www.ilalldist.org).
  2. Select your ILMEA District or use the lookup tool to find your ILMEA District.
  3. Select your school from the list
  4. Click on "Add New Director."
  5. Fill out your information and the faculty password given to you by your Primary Contact. 
  6. When finished, click "Add Teacher."
  7. You may now log in to RNS with your Teacher Password.

Step 2: Participating School Form and Fee

Payment must be received to activate your online registration ability. This may be paid online through RNS with a credit card and will instantly activate your school. If your school requires you to pay with a check, please complete this form and mail it along with the check to the ILMEA state Office.
2018-2019 Participating School Form (172.8 KB)
After the Participating School Form and payment are received and processed at the ILMEA State Office, your school will be officially activated”and you may begin to nominate students.

Step 3: Nominate Students for Auditions/Participation

This can only be done if Steps 1 and 2 have been fully completed and your school has been activated by the State Office.
  1. Go to RNS (www.ilalldist.org), select your ILMEA District, select your school from the drop-down list, find your name and log-in. 
  2. On the left side of the page are ensembles and activities to which you may nominate your students. 
  3. If a student is auditioning in multiple ensembles, please be sure to select that option on each audition nomination form for that student.
  4. At any time before your fees have been paid and finalized, you may review and edit student information by clicking My Students at the top of the left-side column. 
  5. When all students have been entered, both by you and all the other teachers in your school, click on the Billing option at the bottom of the left side of the screen to see the Audition invoice and payment options. *Please check with all other nominating educators to ensure nominations are complete before submitting payment.*
  6. Modifications to or deletion of student nominations may be made online up until your District due date. After that date, the online program will disable all entry functions. Changes after these dates can only be made via e-mail request to the District President.
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