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Stems for 2017-2018!

Put your own creative spin on "Paradise" by Ekko. 

Listen to the full original and access the stems here: ILMEA 2018 Remix Stems - Paradise

Deadline is November 1, 2017 - read this page for remix-specific information and find the full rules by clicking the "Composition Contest" link on the left.


Remix Entry Procedures

  1. Review all of the contest guidelines.
  2. Create your remix!
  3. Save your remix as an mp3 file.
  4. Upload your remix to a Google Drive folder titled only with the name of your remix and your student ID number. Make sure sharing is set to "On - Anyone with the link".
  5. Your music teacher should complete the online entry form in RNS, including a link to the Google Drive folder.
  6. The $15 entry fee will be added to your school's District Festival Billing Sheet.


A remixer uses one or more audio samples to create a new piece of music. For example, a vocal track that has been removed from the rest of the instruments can be placed within an entirely new backdrop of instruments and harmonies. The voice can also have its tone edited, and its pitch and rhythm changed. Another example would be when an audio sample is trimmed down to a single beat and then pitch corrected to create new melodies and rhythms. 

A variety of software is available to complete these tasks including Apple’s GarageBand and Logic Pro and the multi-platform Abelton Live. You can even create a remix using a simpledigital audio recording software (like the free and open-source program, Audacity). If you have any questions, simply find out what software you have access to and then use an Internet search engine to find out how you would make a remix using that software.


If a remix is submitted that fails to follow of the ILMEA requirements, it will be disqualified. When you speak with your students, please take the time to go over all of these requirements with them (especially the ones related to copyright). By taking the time to speak with them upfront, you can ensure that all of the time they spend on their remix will be time well spent.

Any 6th - 12th grade student may participate in the remix contest. The remixes must be less than five minutes in length and utilize the audio supplied by ILMEA through our website (2017 - "Paradise" by Ekko). Remixes may not sample other songs - in order for ILMEA to avoid any complications with copyright, please limit your remixes to the provided samples, loops that come standard with editing software, and any original sounds that your students create (original audio or MIDI). Students are strongly encouraged to explore a variety of genres and approaches to creating their final compositions.

This year, all composition entries will be submitted electronically via the RNS system. Please load your remix to Google Drive using a file name with the student's school ID number (no names). The entry form will be filled out in RNS, including a link to your (shared) Google Drive folder. This submission process must be completed before November 1, 2017.

If a remix fails to follow all of the above requirements, it will be disqualified from the contest. Please review these guidelines with your students ahead of time to avoid any potential problems.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Gina Wych at jsgm@ilmea.org.   

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