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Jacqueline Kelly-McHale, MTE Division President



We are pleased to share that mitchell robinson, from michigan state university will be our MTE SPECIAL GUEST at the 2015 illinois music education conference!

 Robinson Blog


 Society for Music Teacher Education

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                        Go to smte.us

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NAfME Collegiate
        Congratulations to Aleks Zivanovic from DePaul University and Kelsey Hagan from Bradley University on earning the NAfME Professional Development award!

Collegiate Award Winners

 Congratulations to Aleks Zivanovic on also being awarded the Shannon Kelly Kane scholarship from NAfME!!


Illinois State Board of Education

            Information on Teacher Evaluation – go to:         


                        See link to student growth component time table

                        See link to Part 50 of PERA (teacher Evaluation models and plans)


Resources to Consider for Development of Curriculum and Assessments

            Shaping Sound Musicians by Patricia O’Toole (GIA Publications)

            Just Good Teaching: Comprehensive Musicianship Through Performance in Theory and Practice 
                       by Laura Sindberg (Rowman & Littlefield)  

           Comprehensive Musicianship (Wisconsin Model)


PERA Part 50 Evaluation Plans (248.9 KB)

Student Growth Timeline (68.6 KB)

Teaching Music in Illinois - Survey Report (1.7 MB)

Teaching Music in Illinois - Executive Summary (211.5 KB)

Teaching Music in Illinois - Advocacy Brochure (150.2 KB)

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