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Future Music Educators


The Concept

In an effort to identify and encourage potential future music educators into the profession, ILMEA has created a forum for high school students at the annual Illinois Music Education Conference: The ILMEA All-State Future Music Educators Seminar. These selected students will be mentored and exposed to various aspects of the profession. This is not a performance ensemble but, rather, a professional group. The group will stay together through the entire Conference to gain insight into the diverse aspects of the music education profession and to facilitate discussion. In addition, sessions specifically designed for these future teachers will be presented.


Eligible Students

Students in grades 10, 11 or 12 who are considering a career in music education are eligible to attend the Seminar. The student must be enrolled or participate in a recognized, sanctioned music class or activity at their school. These students will not be eligible to participate in any All-State performing ensemble during any year in which they take part in the Seminar. Students may participate in the Seminar more than once. However, preference will be given to first time participants.


The Mentor

The Seminar members will work with an experienced music educator, much like the All-State ensemble members work with a conductor. The mentor will guide the students throughout the Conference, moderate discussion about sessions attended and the music education profession, and facilitate the special content sessions.


The Application Process

Students will complete an application process that will include the following components:

  • The student nomination form is included in the online RNS (Registration/Nomination/Selection) System. It is coded FMES and is located on the Forms page accessible to all registered participating schools. This form will need to be filled out by the nominating teacher.
  • A recorded video (digital) answering the three applicant questions found on the Applicant Video Instructions (see link below). Videos will be uploaded to YouTube and the sharing link copied into the FMES nomination form in RNS. 
2017-2018 FMES Applicant Instructions (76.0 KB)



Completed applications should be returned to the ILMEA State Office by submitting the nomination in RNS.


Application Deadline

Online Submission: November 15

Incomplete Applications or those received after the deadline will not be considered.


The Selection Process

Students will be selected to participate in the Seminar during the All-State Selection Meeting. Applicants also eligible for performance participation will be assigned to band, chorus, jazz or orchestra ensembles as a first priority unless ILMEA is notified, in writing, with an attachment to the application, that the student prefers FMES.

There will be a maximum of 45 students selected to participate in the Seminar. Each ILMEA District will be guaranteed 2 participants, if sufficient number of applications exist.  Every effort will be made to insure geographic representation with a balance between band, choral, general music, jazz, orchestra and technology interest areas.


The Notification Process

Notification of acceptance will be sent with the All-State selection results in early December. Student names will be included on the All-State Billing sheet and a participation fee of $30.00 per student will be assessed. Payment is due immediately upon receipt of notification.

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