Devoted to music education and music edcuators, ILMEA serves as a resource for the latest in professional development and as an information portal for stakeholders in music education.



ILMEA provides content-specific professional development through the Illinois Music Education Conference (IMEC) and other events throughout the year. We are in close contact with ISBE regarding changes in teacher licensure and evaluation. A page on the Common Core Standards brings information on this important topic to educators. As an advocate, ILMEA gathers resources for music educators, meets with legislators and is bringing the discussion of music and arts education to the front of its policy efforts.



Thousands of students take part in the District Festival and All-State Ensembles each year. These groups provide powerful education events for music students from all of Illinois. Being in an ensemble with fellow musicians from around the state is an experience like none other! Participation begins in the fall with district audtions and, at the senior level, can continue through the end of January.

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