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One of the many benefits of ILMEA membership is access to professional development sessions and PD credit. ILMEA is proud to be an ISBE approved professional development provider.  Upcoming professional development/PD opportunities, updated information regarding the licensure transfer and other communication from ISBE is listed on this page and using the links on the left.  If you have questions regarding PD hours or the licensure exchange, or would like to host a professional development session, please contact Emily Petway at epetway@ilmea.org or (770) 361-0802.  

Check this list and the calendar for upcoming PD events!

Education Programs 





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ILMEA presentes a 1-hour webinar focusing on technology tools for music educators delivered by Keith Ozsvath of Rotolo Middle School (Batavia, IL). These web-based tools can work acorss PC, Mac, Chromebook platforms and 1-to-1 devices. Tools, links and examples from instruction to assessment delivery will be demonstrated. 1 ISBE professional development creidt is included with registration. 

In weeks leading up to the webinar, participants will be given a webinar link as well as a dial in number to participate inthe workshop.  For questions about registration or the webinar please contact Emily Petway at epetway@ilmea.org. 

To register, visit this link.


Educator Bridge Program

This new program proides first year educators with a collaborative series of virtual and in-peron meetings to discuss important topics for tranisitoning into the classroom.  The program also pairs the protoges with expereinced educators in their content and geographical area. 

Our 2018-2019 Bridge Program begins in September.  To learn more or to register, please visit this link.




Professional Development In Your District

We continue to look to create more opportunities for Music Educator Professional Development.  Please contact us if you have any suggestions, would like to host, or if you know of an organization that would like to parnter with ILMEA to offer PD.  Email Education Programs Manager Emily Petway at epetway@ilmea.org

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning in the Music Classroom

In our ever-changing world, we have come to recognize the tremendous impact that culture has on how students learn and thrive. Understanding that culture and responsiveness are fluid terms that can mean different things in different contexts, this session seeks to provide all music educators with an understanding of how culture influences students and the ways that teachers can better communicate and deliver instruction.

Using Technology to Assess Student Learning in the Music Classroom

Technology can offer ways to assess individuals to large groups of, allowing educators to chart growth and shape teaching. This session begins by looking at why we assess, what we should assess, and what makes an assessment authentic and valuable. Guidelines and resources for finding and implementing assessment platforms will be provided. 

Student-Led Music Learning

Move beyond Danielson compliance with student ownership to create experiences that don’t sacrifice ensemble quality but instead lead to lasting learning. This session gives quality thought to student ownership and developing curriculum pieces that allow for student leadership, meaningful for student and program growth. 

Illinois Music Learning Standards

For the first time in over 20 years, Illinois has adopted new state music standards. This session will explore the new standards, detail their difference from the National Core Arts Standards, and help participants identify what standards they are already using in their classroom. ILMEA members and staff sat on the ISBE Advisory Board to help craft these standards and are excited to share them in this session. This workshop will help enhance your current understanding and further your work with the standards and assessment.

Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance (CMP)

Since the appearance of the National Core Arts and Illinois Music Learning Standards, teachers have been asking: "How can I teach more comprehensively? How can I demonstrate to administrators and parents, in a language they can understand, a curriculum with clear outcomes that are not only skill-based but include critical and creative thinking, a wide range of knowledge, and a strong affective dimension? How can I actually teach all of this and still get students ready for high quality performance?"

Created by Wisconsin educators over 40 years ago, Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance (CMP) has been helping teachers choose good repertoire, focus their outcomes, develop a wide variety of strategies that enrich rehearsals, and create meaningful assessments.  It is not a curriculum or methodology, but a model for teacher planning that puts students at the center and works for any music teacher, regardless of grade level, background, or school setting. It is both philosophical and practical, and over the last several decades has proven to be transformative for both veteran teachers and novices.

Throughout the presentation, participants will engage in lively discussions regarding ways in which teachers already use parts of the CMP model in their classrooms and identify areas for growth. Participants will receive teaching plans with strategies, repertoire lists, and a variety of CMP-focused resources.






ILMEA is excited to partner with NAfME to offer Illinois Professional Development Hours for NAfME Academy online course completion. NAfME Academy is a state of the art online learning platform housing 80+ hours of peer-reviewed professional development webinars. This library of content was specifically developed by music educators for music educators.To receive official ISBE credit for these courses please:

  1. Register at https://nafme.org/community/elearning/
  2. Complete the NAfME Academy Module and receive a NAfME certificate via email.
  3. Send your NAfME Academy Certificate to epetway@ilmea.org and complete the nessisary steps to receive an official Illinois State Board of Education Completion Form

We hope that our growing partnerships will allow you to benefit from more professional learning experiences! 


Below is a listing of Music Education Professional Development Opportunties sponsored by ILMEA.  We continue to add events to the calendar so continue to check back! 


Upcoming Professional Development Offerings

Professional Development Committee District Representatives

District 1:  Valerie Pasqua-  d1profdev@ilmea.org

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District 5:  Austin Stout- d5profdev@ilmea.org

District 6:  Cathy Stranc- d6profdev@ilmea.org

District 7:  Elena Ryan- d7profdev@ilmea.org

District 8:  Lisa Eaton- d8profdev@ilmea.org

District 9: Janet Sikma- d9profdev@ilmea.org

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