ISBE Updates


Educators who have more than the required number of professional development hours during a renewal cycle may carry over any hours earned from April 1 to June 30 of the last year of the renewal cycle so long as they haven't already been applied to the hours to their June 30 renewal. (HB 6181/PA 99-0591)

Retired educators who have let their license lapse can renew their license without penalty between now and December 31, 2017.


Timeline to Enter PD

The 60 day rule to enter PD has been overturned.  You now have until the end of your licensure cycle to enter your PD.  

IEIN- Required at PD events

Your IEIN (Illinois Educator Identification Number) is now required at all PD session in order to receive a completion form with PD Hours.  This IEIN number is the only unique number to you other than your social security number that connects you with your teaching license regardless of change of address or teaching position.  For this reason, ISBE now requires this number at attendance sign in.  In the even you or ILMEA is audited, this number will confirm that Mary Smith from Carbondale is not Mary Smith from Waukegan and that she should be awarded the PD for the event.  

Your IEIN can be found by logging into the ELIS (Educator Licensure Information System) on the isbe.net website.  You may follow the link here.  After logging in, your IEIN number will be visible on the main screen in the upper left-hand corner.  

There are important changes in rules for earning and reporting PD units for your license renewal. Please see www.isbe.net for details. You must have a completion form for all activities. Providers who can issue forms are schools, school districts, institutions of higher education with ed programs, regional offices of education, and approved professional associations. ISBE recommends you ask these providers for permission to receive PD credit prior to taking part in an activity for which you wish to receive credit. All educators are required to earn 120 PD units for each 5 year license renewal cycle. Teachers who are in the middle of their renewal cycle need only earn the number of PD units required at the beginning of their last renewal cycle.




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