2018-2019 Participating School Fee Payment

Click Here to pay by Credit Card through RNS

Click Here for the printable form to pay by check

Set Up your School for participation

It is simple to setup your school's ILMEA participation! 

  1. Previously Participating Schools and teacher(s) must update and confirm their information in the ILMEA Registration/Nomination/Selection (RNS) system at www.ilalldist.org.
  2. If a school is not currently listed in RNS, please go to www.ilalldist.org, select the appropriate district and select “School Not Found.” Enter all appropriate information and request to be added. RNS has a look-up function if you do not know your ILMEA district.
  3. Schools may pay the Participating School fee through RNS with a credit card. If your school requires the Participating School Fee be paid by paper please use this form:  2018-2019 Participating School Form  (This form should not to be mailed to the state office if paying online.)
  4. Each school must submit payment by the September 15, 2018 deadline.
  5. Upon receipt of form and payment, the ILMEA State Office will activate the school for access to RNS. This allows individual student nominations to be entered. All schools are required to use the RNS (www.ilalldist.org) system to nominate students. 

Notes on Participating School Activation:

Schools with ANY unpaid fees from the 2018-2019 school year will not be activated until those fees are paid.  

For information regarding ILMEA's Policy on Learners with Exceptionalities during the festival season, please click here.

More individualized information can be found on your ILMEA District Page.

Instructions for educators/schools


For detailed instructions on setting up yourself and/or your school in RNS, click here.