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Participate with ILMEA!

1. Professional Membership

ILMEA is an affliate organization to the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). Joining ILMEA as a Professional Member gives you full membership in NAfME. This yearly, dual membership provides you with all the benefits each organization has to offer, including multiple publucations, student programs and professional development opportunities. Check out NAfME's website for more membership information!

2. Student Programs

Students can participate through the twenty-seven different District Festivals offered in November and the All-State Ensembles at the Illinois Music Education Conference (IMEC) in January. Schools must be registered as an ILMEA Participating School in order for students to take part. Click here for more information.

3. Professional Development

ILMEA provides high-quality, music education specific professional development activities. The Illinois Music Education Conference (IMEC) provides the most targeted music education professional development in the state. Join us in Peoria each January to take part in an amazing learning experience! Each year the best and brightest of music education offer sessions pertaining directly to your daily teaching. Many other events are planned throughout the year to give music educators opportunities to grow.


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