Junior Level Auditions

Please see your ILMEA District's Junior Jazz page for more information on Junior Jazz Auditions in your District.

Senior Level Auditions

1. Required Selection(s)

#1 (All Districts): Clue's Blues, Scott Ninmer (Kendor Music Publications #43102)

  • The District Senior Instrumental Jazz Representative will choose one or more excerpts from the state required piece and post the measure numbers to be used during the audition at the district audition site.

#2: Selected by your ILMEA District (if applicable)

2. Sight-reading

3. Improvisation

  • Districts will use one of the following selections for the improvisation portion of the District Audition.
    • Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc., Vol 6, Track 1 - Now’s The Time/Billie’s Bounce
    • Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc., Vol. I, Track 8 - Blues in F

4a. Overall Considerations - Jazz Wind & Brass

  • Stylistic Accuracy, Tone Quality, Intonation

4b. Overall Considerations - Rhythm

  • Stylistic Accuracy
  • Rhythmic Stability


Click Here for detailed information on each section of the district audition and scoring.